MusikMula – “Better Den Me” Feat. LiL PiT

 MusikMula – “Better Den Me” Feat. LiL PiT

Stop playin’ – you know you love music.”  #truth

While there’s no doubt that MusikMula & LiL PiT have teamed up to create a track for the ladies here, chances are no matter you are, you’ll dig the soulful sound & stellar vibes to be found on their new single “Better Den Me.”  Diving deep between the sheets for the inspiration fueling the sensory sound & sensual themes, “Better Den Me” is all about lovin’ done RIGHT…and make no mistake, these two are ready to serve that up hot for y’all to enjoy.  From the sweetness in the air of the melody & vocals, to the layers of intensity provided by the lyricism, and the wild bounce of the bass-led beat sparking the sonic impact “Better Den Me” will make on ya – MusikMula’s latest single holds nothing back in pursuit of creating a cut designed to be turned UP while ya turn the lights down low.   It’s a moment that connects with powerfully memorable hooks & an equally unforgettable vibe that’s capable of turning a Friday night into a Saturday morning, you feel me?  So what if we’re posting this up on a Tuesday – you just never know…these players have set you all up with a track that might just come in handier than you realize, any time you put it on, day or night.  Experience it for yourself and give “Better Den Me” by MusikMula featuring LiL PiT a proper spin below yo!

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