MINOH – “The Witness”

 MINOH – “The Witness”

Sign me up for this!  MINOH is crushin’ it on their brand-new single called “The Witness.”

For real…when you get a dose of the brilliant instrumentation and powerful vocals that fuel the fire in this cut, you’ll be reaching for the volume knob to turn this scorching single UP as far as your stereo will go.  Somebody tell me what’s not to love about this will ya?  Everything I’m hearing is full-blown awesome and the video that MINOH has supporting “The Witness” gives it a solid animated edge.

Because I ain’t gonna lie to ya, I love cartoons in every form they come in; always have, always will.

This is INTENSE…better yet, “The Witness” is MELODICALLY SAVAGE – and these hooks are guaranteed to make an impact on listeners without question.  Whether it’s the stunning texture and tones in the music or the surging charisma shooting through the vocals, MINOH builds a massive epic that hits the mark bang-on with “The Witness.”  When you think of that anthem you want to add to your own personal soundtrack…that song that you wanna put on when you need that burst of energy to run a freakin’ marathon or conquer a mountain…”The Witness” is that cut that makes you feel like nothing can stand in your way when you’re listening to it.  With its dystopian-based themes, you might just need the energy & fire inside ya that “The Witness” sparks up in us all as we listen, in order to battle the robots & computers one day…so it’s a damn good thing that MINOH is here to supply, wouldn’t ya say?

Lyrically, vocally, musically, audibly, and now visually through the new video for their latest single, this pairing of talents between Jamin Oh and Frank Strozyk proves to be a powerful sonic force that sounds more than determined to make their mark in music history.  MINOH has certainly got my attention with “The Witness” and I highly suspect those listening & watching won’t be far behind me in adding this band to their playlists.  “The Witness” is truly one of those songs you just can’t say enough about; MINOH has gone all-in on this performance, put in maximum effort, and yielded results you can’t take your eyes or ears off of.

For a limited time, from now until April 10th and the official release, you can get yourself a free copy of “The Witness” at their homepage right NOW!  Find out more about MINOH at their official website at:  https://www.jaminoh.com

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