Mimi Novic – Beyond The Horizons

 Mimi Novic – Beyond The Horizons

Mimi Novic – Beyond The Horizons – Album Review

Everything comes at its given time, and its given space – we are where we are meant to be at any given time.”  I couldn’t agree with you more Mimi.

In fact…while I wouldn’t ever go as far as to say ‘I’ll do ya one better’ when I’m dealing with such an established author and well-known presence in the spoken-word realm – but personally, I know that Mimi Novic seemed to show up in my own world at a time where I seem to have needed her most.  You never know this stuff at first of course…at first so much of it seems like it would just be another part of the life of a music-reviewer…another day, another record…but in the context of the grand-scheme of things…I began to realize I actually needed her words more than I ever could have known at the start.  It was like I…I don’t know what it was really, and maybe that’s part of the magic of Mimi Novic – I didn’t know what it was that seemed to be missing…that spark of inspiration, or the recognition of all the incredible reasons I carry on doing what I do every day…or maybe I was just a little on the down-side & defeated a bit from the whole drag of the pandemic, or not sleeping as much…life is so full of things that threaten to absorb our energy if we let it happen.  Artists like Mimi Novic are able to help restore it all.

And so…before I even start cracking into this review on her latest record, I’d simply like to express my humble gratitude to this insightful soul, and say a sincere thank-you to Mimi for doing all that she does.  Each time I end up listening to one of her albums, I find myself completely revitalized and refreshed in ways that no set of words I could write could ever fully describe in enough detail to do the gift she’s given me personally its proper due credit – but hopefully, deep down, she knows she’s had a resounding impact on me that I’ll never forget, and that she’s truly helped light the path forward with that inspired spark I had been searching for.  It was all inside me all along of course – just like it is for you, or for any of us – but Novic has a spellbinding way of connecting spirit to soul & turning ambitions into real action; it’s through her words that we are able to reach deeper within ourselves to see the even bigger picture.

I was interested in what this might sound like right away, given the difference we can visibly see right away before even pushing play.  In the past two records I’ve listened to from Novic, she’s worked with some really incredible artists that are renowned for their own work out there, like David Courtney and Edmond Fokker.  She might be working with someone in that regard this time as well…I honestly don’t know for certain…but what I can definitely tell ya is that she’s found music perfectly suited for what she does so very, very well.  The beautifully inviting piano melody that comes with “Do Not Be Afraid To Live” is a delicate & dramatic platform for her words to make the impact on us that they should…a fantastic complement to the sound of her inherently mesmerizing voice.  “What is meant for us, will reach us…and, what is not, will never arrive.”  There’s such an impressive amount of comfort in listening to Mimi’s words; while I’m sure they’re equally remarkable to read, to hear her express them is a whole other story, you dig?  She speaks with certainty & wisdom…real confidence in the material, like she really does have the insider’s track to what’s really happening out there in the universe – and who am I to question her, when nearly everything she’s ever spoken on seems to make complete & total sense to me?  You’ll see from that quote above that she’s incredibly grounded & down to earth in her thoughts and how she communicates, even though she clearly contains a soul that’s far beyond earthbound.  She reminds us about how the “intertwining of destinies” and how each person, each moment, and each chapter of our lives contributes significantly to the people we become.  Likening the human experience to that of a storybook design, she makes the comparison to each part of our lives being like their own individual chapters…and she takes great care to point out how crucial it is to not get stuck re-reading the same one over & over.  We can all get trapped in the cycle at times if we’re not consciously thinking about it…”Do Not Be Afraid To Live” is about embracing a mindset of moving forward…you’ll find many of Mimi’s tracks & tales are centered around this theme…and always with a positive perspective that seems to have no problem whatsoever diving into real emotions & complex thoughts that knows she can weather the storm.  Essentially, she’s never scared of the dark…because she’s truly seen the light.  Perhaps above all things that make Mimi Novic as amazing as she is, is her willingness to share her thoughts & experiences & knowledge with all of us, in a sincere effort to benefit the greater good.  “It is better to have taken a chance, than to live with the sorrows of regret.”  Once again, I couldn’t agree more with Mimi’s words…I genuinely believe she’s got one of the most wonderful perspectives on what life is all about.  Her message IS reaching me, because it was meant to arrive – right here, right now.  For many of you listening out there, I can guarantee you’ll feel the same in listening to this opening song, and the rest of what you’ll discover follows on Beyond The Horizons.

I really appreciate the way she writes these spoken-word tunes…it’s all seriously impressive stuff from start to finish, and has been consistently every record I’ve heard from Mimi to-date so far.  But like, you’ll notice key things where she makes really smart choices on how to describe something without going so far into detail that it would potentially take anything away from the imagery you’re conjuring up in your own mind as you listen.  For example, how she’ll describe what the next phase for us all might be and what’s coming up after we pass on in this life – she leaves that door wide open for us to fill in the blanks with the details from there, as opposed to getting into specifics like promising endless sunshine & rainbows on a track like “Children Of Tomorrow.”  Novic dives deep into the malleable journey we’re on in this universe we share, and how we’re essentially bouncing around through time, continually bumping into one another as we continue forward on our own individual paths and make our way through life together.  I loved the additional background vocals that you’ll find on “Children Of Tomorrow” as well…it’s an astounding complement to the entire vibe, giving the depth of the sound to this track an even more spiritual thread to it that feels like it dates all the way back to our ancestors.  And I suspect after listening to “Children Of Tomorrow,” that Mimi would tell you this is exactly the case.  Just as sure as Mimi and I have certainly connected in some kind of past life along the way – and chances are, any of you reading this very article right here right now as well, she points out the multiple connections that exist between time & the cycle our experience here on earth.  “Children Of Tomorrow” reminded me much of the movie called I Origins, which I highly recommend each and every one of you watch if you haven’t seen it already…it’s one of the most eye-opening movies that I’ve ever seen.  “True love never dies – it lives beyond time & space…it lives forever” – many of us know in our hearts, this is a fact, not an observation…and any of you that have ever felt like you’ve experienced déjà vu before in your life at some point in time – Mimi encourages you to understand this is all part of a grander design.

Listen to the glistening melody and sparkle & shine of the music on “Secret Whispers” will ya?  This track has me at hello, every single time it comes on, long before Mimi even has the chance to say a word yet.  It’s one of what you’ll find are several shorter tracks on this particular record, but you’ll also hear how Novic always provides an immaculate balance between the music & her words, allowing each song’s melody to work its own magic by allowing the instrumental introductions on every track to have its own well deserved moment in the spotlight as well.  So even in the case of songs that hover closer around the three-minute mark like “Secret Whispers” & other tracks on Beyond The Horizons later on, she still makes plenty of time for the music to soothe our souls just as much as her words do, and I love that.  The piano here is exquisitely gorgeous…and right off the bat, you feel the weight of relief as its melody works its magic on you.  There is always a lesson & valuable wisdom to be found within Mimi’s words, but you’ll also find a track like “Secret Whispers” is equally focused on being a poetic moment in time that has just as much artistic merit as it does knowledge in the mix to keep ya engaged & entertained.

For those of you out there that have been struggling over this past year of hardships induced through the pandemic-era we’re living in, it’s tracks like “Winds Of Change” that will do much to steady your mind, help you see that bigger picture, and how when we’re united, we have the keys to unlock our own evolution.  Ever-inspiring with her insightful & spiritual words, “Winds Of Change” is a solid reminder of just how alone we really aren’t – how that universal connection is inside of us, just waiting to be discovered…and it’s words like what you’ll hear on this cut from the record that help in guiding us there to that togetherness we’re truly all seeking deep down at the root of our core.  “We are part of infinity,” as Mimi will tell you…and quite honestly, it’s one of the most comforting things I can personally imagine and largely believe in myself.  Novic is such an impressively eloquent, sincere, and passionate writer that you can’t help but marvel at how authentically inspiring, comforting, and welcoming her words are on any given track you could listen to from her catalog.  She’s so good at detailing her thoughts in an accessible way that we can all universally understand…almost like her very voice echoes the sentiment that drives the core concept of how everything is tied together…and that we can weather the “Winds Of Change” because we have indeed, been here before.  “We are all part of a huge awakening as humanity” – not only do I think this is true – I think YOU do as well – I think we can all feel the “Winds Of Change” swirling around us right now at this very moment in time, no matter where you are in the world.  Mimi reminds us to “have faith, be strong, and never give up” – which is every bit as important and crucial as our own individual evolution…we’re not all necessarily on an equal plane of awareness, even if we’re all on the same floating rock in space this trip around the sun…it takes time & patience for this whole story we’re living in to play out in-full, if it ever does – it’s about enjoying the journey just as much as you could ever love the destination, and embracing those “Winds Of Change” without fear.

I think a lot of people out there potentially listening might not quite fully grasp what an insightful artist Mimi can be beyond the words she speaks, so let me highlight some of that too here.  Listen to tracks like “Teardrops” or “Secret Whispers” – or truly any of what you’ll find on Beyond The Horizons for that matter, and you’ll hear she’s chosen extremely wisely as to which music to use with which message she’s looking to convey to us.  “Teardrops” is perhaps one of the most noticeable examples of this; when you hear that emotional piano melody and Mimi begin to speak on the subject of loneliness…you instantly feel the weight of the theme & music combined.  Not only will you find that consistent thread of hope, light, and love still runs deep throughout “Teardrops” but you’ll also really appreciate how the atmosphere of this particular tune really suits the poetic design of her words.  As an inspirational author, I’d imagine many people would expect to find Mimi’s words well intact, focused, and always on-point – which they certainly are – but what’s likely underappreciated or perhaps not quite noticed as much as the message itself would be, is that the stunningly selection of imagery she chooses is incredibly poetic and has real artistry to it that reveals the true cleverness of her craft.  It’s almost as if we get so wrapped up in listening to her each & every word and the uplifting messages they carry, that you have to do a double-take & a whole other spin through Beyond The Horizons all over again afterwards to appreciate that poetic aspect even more the next time around.  I ain’t even lyin’ to ya in the slightest when I say that the piano alone at the very beginning of this tune has nearly shattered me straight into tiny fragments with its bold emotion on display, nearly right into tears at certain times I’ve listened.  And I’m okay with that…I’m more than okay with that…I embrace all emotions with the same enthusiasm & sense of wonder, especially when it comes to music.  “Teardrops” isn’t by any measure an unhappy track – it’s still every bit as hopeful & serene as any other in its clear perspective & confidence – but there is an undeniably deeper dive into a more sensory vibe of melancholy here that will head straight for your heart too.  It’s a gorgeous track on Beyond The Horizons that isn’t afraid to address many important & complex thoughts we share, and the inspired thread that breaks through the darkness of this melody and brings it into the light through Novic’s words, is full proof that there is always a pathway forward.

She’s really found remarkably expressive & evocative music to accompany her on the journey through this record…”Heavenly” is an excellent example of how it sets the stage for her themes & words to really break through…especially to people like myself, I suppose.  For some reason, this track on Beyond The Horizons continued to remind me of the series The Leftovers from not too long ago…and I began to wonder what Mimi would think of something like that show.  So much of it deals with the unknown & spiritual side of things we can feel & things we can see, while revealing a completely different, tangible connection underneath that ties us all together.  Wonderfully strange as so much of it was, there was a beautiful thread that ran through that whole show that really spoke brilliantly on the effects of time.  “This is just a passing moment” as Mimi will tell you…and as far as I can tell dear readers, dear friends, that’s true for all of us, no matter what it is you believe in.  Life lasts for such a short amount of time; I like to believe there’s more to the story, if only because I almost can’t seem to find anything that proves otherwise…I was born with far more of an understanding of things than I could have ever learned on my own through education, and it remains with me to this very day.  “All that we have, is all that we need right now, for this time” – again, if you were having my experience in this lifetime, you’d know this is entirely the truth…I feel like this was a gift given to me from day one of the birth of my consciousness, and it’s because of that, I’ve always felt a comfort in knowing that this story I’ve started here, continues.  I might not know how, I might not know when – sometimes that matters, sometimes it doesn’t to me – but I’ve always felt in my bones that there has to be something so much more to it all than shopping malls and the 9-5 – there’s so much more to the story still yet to come; I’m excited, but not rushing to it.  Much like Mimi herself, I suspect it’s just as interesting for her to be present, right here, right now, as an observer and witnessing the blossoming of our collective evolution and awakening – it’s truly beautiful.

“Kaleidoscope” is an absolutely awesome experience to be had within the lineup of tracks on this album.  You feel like the tiniest particle connected to everything else in the universe, yet still incredibly important to the overall picture of a greater design…and the atmospheric vibes of the music will have you feel like a comet soaring slowly through the galaxy, appreciating the full splendor of all that surrounds you.  I love how well thought-out Mimi’s words always are – and I also love the fact that we share much in common with the way we write…you’ll find many times that you might think that she’s completed a point, but there will be an ‘and’ or a ‘yet’ still to follow, and more spectacular details to come.  It makes for a stream of consciousness style that’s highly effective in the hypnotic way her words are communicated to us, but it’s also how impeccably focused she always is as well that gives her cadence a true precision that tells your ears everything you hear has been chosen for a specific reason.  I just ramble a whole lot, that’s the main difference between us…she’s much more focused than I’ll likely ever be lucky enough to be in just one lifetime.  “We have lived through eternities together, your voice echoes a melody so familiar to my heart” – you see what I’m saying folks?  Mimi has such a unique, poetic, and extraordinary way with her words, and genuine sincerity in her sentiment we can truly feel; you know she believes in everything she says, because you hear that steady confidence & conviction in her voice, unwavering.  She was clearly meant to guide us forward & I’m thankful she accepted the role.

We are the beginning and the ending…we are the circle that is in constant motion” as Mimi will explain on “Voyage” so perfectly…like she’s already both learned & taught these lessons so many times before.  Spoiler alert folks…if you haven’t picked up on this by now – maybe she HAS!  Novic always seems to sound like she’s peeled back the curtain of the fabric of space & time to have a peek for herself, and knows what’s in-store for us all…and while she could have kept all this knowledge hidden, she’s chosen altruistically to share.  For some, “Voyage” will make radiantly clear sense on a singular spin through it – for others, perhaps it won’t – that applies to each & every one of these tunes, and quite honestly, likely ties directly into what part of that circle you happen to be in yourself right now on this timeline we’re on.  Where Mimi and I tend to deviate a bit in our beliefs is what might ultimately be behind it all; for her as she’ll make clear in “Voyage,” it’s the “divine” and referred to as a ‘he’ in this particular track as well…and for me, I’m not so sure when it comes to that final part of the equation, just eager to learn how it all plays out one day and just as happy to be wrong if that ends up being the case.  I don’t have any kind of counter-theory to present as an argument…I suppose I’ve just either never taken the time to figure out the end of the story, so much as I’ve almost tried not to…to let it come at me, however it may, and find out what’s really there at the end, or if there is in fact, an ending at all.  Like Novic said, “We are the beginning and the ending” – and just like her, I believe that circle “is in constant motion” – I might not be nearly as sure about where it could potentially lead as Novic is, but she makes a great case to follow her path, every time.  “Voyage” is a compelling track that gives you plenty to consider and think about – it is a bit more direct in revealing Mimi’s ultimate viewpoint than others, and I respect that too; I might enjoy more interpretive tracks she’s put on display already, but I do appreciate her perspective.

“Ink Of Destiny” is such an important song, full-stop.  Quite likely right up there with my absolute favorites from Mimi’s entire catalog…mind you, she hasn’t ever put out anything that hasn’t outright fascinated me in just about every conceivable way.  Thematically though, it’s only natural that some things are bound to speak louder to us than others do, and for me, “Ink Of Destiny” got right to the heart of so much of what I personally believe to be true.  While there’s no doubt whatsoever that so many of my thoughts are tied into the past and I’m naturally self-reflective to the nth degree – I’m an even bigger believer that forward is the direction we’re meant to be moving in, and this song is a stellar reminder of that.  “It is not about going back to where we once were, as we can never return to that place.  What has passed can’t ever be returned – it is about going towards where we should be.”  Now, understand that she’s not saying nostalgia is a bad thing and not suggesting you don’t still pull out the ol’ family photo albums to relive the highlights – it’s more of a comment on how no matter what steps we take, we’re still moving forward, as we should be.  Whether it’s a mistake we feel like we’ve made, or whether it’s a triumph we’ve enjoyed – it’s all about that forward direction, and it’s all part of our spiritual & soulful evolution that serves the journey we’re on as individuals, and share equally together.  “We have placed upon the road that we were meant to be traveling on, all along – have faith.”  I love, love, love the incredibly powerful & beautiful & bold & serene sound of this music, all the way through.

I SMILED SO HARD when “Where Angels Bathe” began, I cannot even express this to you in words that’ll explain it accurately enough…suffice it to say, I was pretty much beaming.  Mimi started this track out by asking, “Shall I tell you the secret of life?” and I immediately shouted YES!  YES! PLEASE DO MIMI! inside of my head like it was an entirely automatic response!  I mean…I ain’t gonna lie, I’m a naturally curious dude and I’d probably be interested in anyone’s interpretation of that if I was standing at a bus stop chatting for a moment or two & that subject came up – but knowing that it was going to be Mimi Novic answering that question in this song had me instantly at attention and absolutely smiling from ear to ear, awaiting the insightful wisdom of an writer whom I truly respect.  In reality, it’s a more rhetorical question and answered in a metaphorical way when it comes to this particular tune, but that luminance in the music and poetic design of Mimi’s words on “Where Angels Bathe” is still completely captivating.  It might not have been the answer I was expecting to find, but it’s certainly a beautiful one that I can fully appreciate, and more than satisfying.  To have Novic’s extraordinary perspective on life & what it all means is a gift beyond compare…she’s as insightful as she is relevant, she’s as patient as she is kind – I love everything about her aura & attitude and these brilliant Spoken-Word records she’s been creating.

“Strength Of Courage” is another track I think is highly important for each and every one of you out there to listen to.  So much of this world is overwhelming if we take it all in at once – and Mimi reminds us here at the end of her new record to keep moving forward, yes…but to go at the pace that works for each of us.  One step at a time, piece by piece, brick by brick…we build on yesterday through what we do today, and will go on to do tomorrow as well…the more you focus in on the smallest of details, the more beautiful the bigger picture becomes…and the more complete it feels.  I like to think of life sometimes like those little pie pieces that come with the game Trivial Pursuit…we’re all picking up another tiny piece here & there until we’ve got that completeness we’re seeking out.  “Just continue taking one step at a time” – Novic knows that even the strongest among us will experience personal setbacks along the journey of life, but that the smallest step can bring anyone right back, and the reality can quite often be that that tiny step forward, is a monumental achievement that’s beyond measure.  In terms of your own personal story, in terms of how the dominos continue to fall as we bump into one another throughout time, in terms of the grand design to the entire adventure of life – these moments we experience & people we meet in our lives intersect, and add more pieces to our proverbial pies as they do.  “Strength Of Courage” was a fantastic final statement to go out on this time around, and a lasting reminder of how important & crucial every step we take truly is, to ourselves, and to each other.

Do yourself a favor and enlighten your mind, body, and soul through the Spoken-Word music of Mimi Novic – make sure to find out more by checking out here official sites below!

Homepage:  https://miminovic.co.uk

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/miminovicauthor

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/mimi_novic

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/7bgavNUYC6sPAHd0dZERgi

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