FZY – Act 3: The Buried

FZY – Act 3: The Buried – Album Review Way back in 2016, I first ran into this odd entity known as FZY in reviewing a track called “Whatever Waits Above” and basically claimed my allegiance & spot on this dude’s bandwagon from the drop of day one.  Over the years, I continued to stand […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – The Crux Of Consciousness

Glenn Murawski – The Crux Of Consciousness – Album Review Glenn’s here again!  Collect your money from the office pool if you had his return picked before Jan. 21st, 2021…via Zoom & Paypal respectively, of course. I ain’t gonna lie to ya folks, were it just about any other artist or band out there in […]Read More

Metro Expo – Metro Expo 2

Metro Expo – Metro Expo 2 – Album Review I tend to put a lot of automatic faith in longevity, even though it’s truly one of the rarest aspects of any when it comes to the independent music-scene.  While there’s nary a day that goes by here where I’m not removing an old inactive link […]Read More

The Key Of Green – Precedence & The Silent Wheel

The Key Of Green – Precedence & The Silent Wheel – Album Review Last year, back in a world where the very beginning of the rumbles of the pandemic era we’d all be stuck in soon to come were just starting to circulate and life was still “normal” by however we chose to define the […]Read More

Chaz Chambers – Coastal

Chaz Chambers – Coastal – Album Review Always knew ya had it in ya bud, for the record. Over the course of the past five years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Chaz’s music through a variety of reviews as he tested the waters and made his way into the scene.  Sometimes, as […]Read More

Gentry Fox – The View From Nowhere

Gentry Fox – The View From Nowhere – Album Review Crazy.  I just looked it up.  You realize we’ve been rockin’ with the Fox since back in the ’14?  Unreal! It’s amazing how much time can pass in general, but when you’re more zoomed in on anything in life, you tend to not realize how […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – Breathe

Galliano Sommavilla – Breathe – Album Review Hmmmm… You know…I’m not always the most observant dude in the universe, but from scanning the titles of this new Galliano Sommavilla record, I feel like I might be picking up on a theme here… Every so often out there in the scene you run into characters like […]Read More

Alias Wayne – FAVS

Alias Wayne – FAVS – Album Review I mean…straight-up, a greatest hits record is an excellent way to make a first impression.  Welcome to our pages Alias Wayne!  Any band or artist that wants to start out an album with an idea & performance as strong as you’ll find FAVS opens with, is welcome here […]Read More

The Marica Frequency – The Clone

The Marica Frequency – The Clone – Album Review Alright…so…a couple things can be, and are true.  One is that, I’ve known The Marica Frequency has had some material banked-up & ready to roll since the last time I had reviewed their music – and the other thing is that, after having heard their previous […]Read More

Jack Of None – The Purpose Of The Moon

Jack Of None – The Purpose Of The Moon – EP Review You gotta love it. You gotta recognize the fact that, of the .1% of bands fearless enough to combine music & art to begin with, that only .001% would ever have the courage, integrity, and confidence to put out a song like “Maman” […]Read More

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