Campfire Sigh – Different Peninsulas

Campfire Sigh – Different Peninsulas – Album Review Interesting band full of colorful sound here, no doubt about that…you can tell they know their music history and have a genuine respect for it…and I dig that.  Now…naturally, it’d be fair to assume that of course – we know one of the players from Campfire Sigh […]Read More

Staytus – Disease Of The Mind

Staytus – Disease Of The Mind – Album Review Fun fact – the debut Staytus album Disease Of The Mind has its tracks listed in alphabetical order! I mean…hey…why not, right?  There are no rules on that kind of stuff.  People can labor over that whole lineup & sequence stuff for days & months on […]Read More

Dan Sonenberg – Tiny Malone

Dan Sonenberg – Tiny Malone – Album Review Well now…that’s comforting.  Seems like Dan Sonenberg has got his music running like clockwork at this point in his career now, and that’s a great thing!  This…hmm…let’s say hyperactive-minded artist…has put out a record in each of the last three years, where before that, it was somewhere […]Read More

X-Ray Youth – All Washed Up

X-Ray Youth – All Washed Up – Album Review Don’t get me wrong…part of me thinks it’s awesome that X-Ray Youth is finishing something they started TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO…and part of me thinks it’s completely crazy.  Understand my perspective though…I’m only forty-two years old, and I lost everything I owned back when I was twenty-three…so […]Read More

Todd Underwood – Extraordinary

Todd Underwood – Extraordinary – Album Review What a difference a whole year can make eh? Though I’ve been listening to this dude make music for more than three years now, with a record released in each of’em along the way – there was no doubt that listening to Todd’s last album Upside Down, that […]Read More

Forest Robots – Supermoon Moonlight Part Two

Forest Robots – Supermoon Moonlight Part Two – Album Review Sometimes you just get that feeling that things are gonna work out, know what I mean?  While it feels like I’ve actually been listening to Forest Robots for longer than it appears here on our pages, which traces back to a single called “Inevitable” from […]Read More

Richard Self – Lives Of The Ignorant Part 2

Richard Self – Lives Of The Ignorant Part 2 – Album Review “Musician/producer with not enough time on his hands.”  #Truth  #IHearYaBrother What a trip this record is!  I’m not even kidding…this is like…some kind of intergalactic concept & story woven into the fabric of the songs on Richard Self’s Lives Of The Ignorant Part […]Read More

Dylan Tauber – The Lagoon

Dylan Tauber – The Lagoon – Album Review The last time I reviewed Dylan’s music, was way back when I was still living in Ontario, can you believe that?  Alright…I suppose it wasn’t that long ago…we moved back to British Columbia this summer, but it does already seem like a lifetime’s worth of events have […]Read More

Jill Benson – Dreamscapes

Jill Benson – Dreamscapes – Album Review I tell ya folks…for myself personally, I can never really get enough piano music…never have, never will.  It was the #1 sound I grew up with around the house when I was growing up…I’d roll out of bed still sleepy eyed, and my old man would be downstairs […]Read More

Sylvia Brooks – Signature

Sylvia Brooks – Signature – Album Review According to the details I’ve been readin’ on the ol’ internet from my Google machine over here – it sounds like solo artist Sylvia Brooks has challenged herself to add a bit more into this particular record, her fourth since she first started releasing music professionally, called Signature.  […]Read More