FZY – Act 3: The Preacher

FZY – Act 3: The Preacher – Album Review If there was anyone out there still doubting the love I’ve expressed for FZY over the years here at SBS, surely that must have been silenced at the end of last year when I put his record Act 2: Frozen Youth onto our annual top ten […]Read More

Rian Music – 4th St.

Rian Music – 4th St. – Album Review I dig records like this…fully collaborative…Rian Music has a ton of guest-stars & featured talent throughout this album called 4th St. that has each song offering something unique from the last.  While it might seem like there’s greater risk attached to such noticeable versatility, Rian Music proves […]Read More

Evoletah – Run With The Hunted

Evoletah – Run With The Hunted – Album Review Time is such a twisted & relative thing ain’t it?  To me, it feels like it was just yesterday that I started listening to Australia-based band Evoletah…and as it turns out, that it was actually nearly seven years ago at this point when I first heard […]Read More

Joho – Nocturnal Daydreams

Joho – Nocturnal Daydreams – Album Review Stoked to have this dude back in the mix, I thought he put out a really solid record the last time around when we reviewed Joho’s album Youth In Retrospect here at our pages last year.  It was the kind of strong effort that certainly implied whatever the […]Read More

Forest City & Friends – Forest City & Friends

Forest City & Friends – Forest City & Friends – Album Review Aside from that whole worldwide pandemic thing, I think the timing on this record is perfect. Or at least really damn close…Forest City & Friends might be at the forefront of a wave of exciting hybrid-Rock projects, albums, and bands kicking into gear […]Read More

Hillary Dumoulin – Fools Gold

Hillary Dumoulin – Fools Gold – Album Review True story…I’ve been looking forward to talking about this artist for quite some time now. In the summer of 2019, I had the chance to see Hillary Dumoulin play a show live when she shared a stage on a tour through the east of Canada with our […]Read More

The Key Of Green – Metaphorical Fires

The Key Of Green – Metaphorical Fires – Album Review The Key Of Green…an artistic duo consisting of the talents of Evan Wooley on the ol’ electric guitar and a dude we’ve featured here on our pages many times, none other than Mr. Charles Ryan Davis handling the rest of what’s involved.  It’s amazing how […]Read More

Pete Gustard – The Open Vein

Pete Gustard – The Open Vein – Album Review Crispy beginning sir!  I’m loving the guitars that come ripping into the first cut on Pete’s new solo album The Open Vein, it’s called “Goodbye Tommy Goodbye” and it’s got all the energy, personality, and genuinely excited college-rock style sound to it.  Right off the drop, […]Read More

Sienná – Moon Rituals

Sienná – Moon Rituals – Album Review If the whole Valentine’s season is all about spending it with the ones you love most, then I’m in exactly the right place right here with Sienná on my playlist.  This incredible artist has been fascinating my through the speakers at sleepingbagstudios for several years now – I’ve […]Read More

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