Blue Soul Ten – The Incredible Sound Of Blue

Blue Soul Ten – The Incredible Sound Of Blue – Album Review If there’s a bad record out there by Blue Soul Ten, I haven’t heard it. And keep in mind, it’s not exactly like I’m any kind of stranger to the music of BST at this point either – I’ve been listening for nearly […]Read More

David Omlor – Entropy

David Omlor – Entropy – Album Review On solid ground & shaky emotional terrain! And ya get’em both – all in one!  Right here in this first impression of David’s music, if you’re like myself and haven’t heard it before this record Entropy here, that’ll likely be what hits you instantly – it’s really well-assembled […]Read More

Merit Maker – Judgement Calls

Merit Maker – Judgement Calls – Album Review Fun related fact for ya…the debate over whether or not it’s spelled ‘judgment’ or ‘judgement’ is one of the hottest grammar battles you can have with wordsmiths out there on the internet today…just sayin.’  Technically-speaking, both are considered to be correct…but I’m not even kidding, look it […]Read More

Souleye – Hunting Teardrops

Souleye – Hunting Teardrops – Album Review You know him, you love him, and hell, so do we, clearly – this is our sixth review on Souleye’s music in as many years!  We hinted pretty loudly about this record dropping back in February with the release of his single & video for “Ghost Steps” – […]Read More

Rootspence – Natural Mystics

Rootspence – Natural Mystics – Album Review Based out of Mozambique! Our work has traveled far & wide across the globe to many places – but unless I’m seriously forgetting something here, this is the first time I can recall us finding our way there – and that’s always exciting to me.  Of course, the […]Read More

Forest Robots – Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning

Forest Robots – Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning – Album Review Even just scanning the names of the titles in the lineup of the new album by Forest Robots became such a vivid reminder of how much I love the uniqueness of this project and its purpose.  Like, you’re telling me right off the […]Read More

Mimi Novic & David Courtney – Dream House:  The Journey

Mimi Novic & David Courtney – Dream House:  The Journey – Album Review Listen to this will ya?  Mimi instantly starts up “Welcome To Dream House” right away, vividly painting pictures in your mind with her hypnotic & mesmerizing spoken-word vocals hushed in a spectacular whisper.  Instantly setting the tone for the way this inspirational […]Read More

The Willing – Full Circle

The Willing – Full Circle – Album Review It is very clear that these fine young gentlemen right here know exactly what they’re doing. Alright…so…you know I just call it like I hear it, so here goes – let’s talk about The Willing and their brand-new record called Full Circle.  The initial reaction I had […]Read More

Echo Strike – Dirty Clean Sexy Mean

Echo Strike – Dirty Clean Sexy Mean – Album Review Interesting band!  You can hear right off the drop as “Bad Intentions” begins that Echo Strike is largely gonna go their own way with a highly versatile & vibrant sound, which they’ll certainly go on to reveal throughout this lineup of fifteen tracks on their new […]Read More

Todd Underwood – Upside Down

Todd Underwood – Upside Down – Album Review Starting out his brand-new record with the longest cut you’ll find on it, Todd Underwood instantly starts to reveal the depth & definition you’ll find in the tone & technique in his production & performance – and the intricate ability he has when it comes to creating […]Read More

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