Milian – “Stop Me”

 Milian – “Stop Me”

Milian – “Stop Me” – Single Review

I’d have to assume that what I’m hearing in the latest single from Milian is based on his real-life experiences and direction he wants to take his music and career. There are a lot of memorable quotes that you’ll find in this new track “Stop Me,” which again, I can only assume right now to be true statements of how he’s more than ready to take hold of his moment in the spotlight and shake up the game until he’s the only one left standing.

There are two completely true lines in this song that I know of for sure. One is “Got you feeling me before I hit the chorus;” cause that is inarguably true. Milian comes out lyrically in a Jay-Z style, perfectly crafting each part of the rhyme to meter to the best exceptionally well. As the track builds towards this line, you can feel the determination of Milian come alive in this track.

And that brings me to the other line I loved so much, aka the main hook. Let me put it to you this way though…because this is something you might not know about ME – it’s actually my birthday today. While I could be out there celebrating certainly, I’m here on my own grind, which isn’t a grind at all because I’m doing what I love the most, each and every day. But this particular song…with its empowering hook of “It’s not who’s gonna let me, who’s gonna stop me?” is like an anthem for Milian, myself and also the awakening social consciousness of the independents and creative-types out there.

We’ve all been waiting to for that moment where the time is just right…the time to really go after it. Those that are in the chase already…well, we know that if you continue to wait for it that time is never going to come for you. This cut from Milian, “Stop Me,” might just be my own anthem for 2015; an inspirational and motivational song, even if it is centered-around his own life, career and determination. I mean…isn’t that the best thing about music anyhow? Once you’ve put it out there into the world, people bring their own personal relevance into it, and make it mean something to them.

I’m digging the passion here, and Milian has got me believing, that’s for sure. And I know what I’m like myself; I don’t think there IS anything that’s going to stop us here in 2015…the music, the artists, the scene…it’s all connecting itself back together into a better state than it has ever been in. Artists like Milian possess the confidence and charisma necessary to help lead us all into that next phase of music history, and after listening to his grit and determination here on “Stop Me,” I’m damn sure you’ll be convinced that his conviction and drive will get him to exactly wherever it is he chooses to go.

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