Miky Anton – “Childish”

 Miky Anton – “Childish”

Miky Anton – “Childish” – Single Review

Not gonna lie to ya dear readers, dear friends…this is as odd as it is entertaining and totally fun.

As I’ve often said here many times on these pages of ours, we’ve all gotta write about something.  There are limitless forms of inspiration out there and absolutely no way of knowing what’ll spark someone’s interest when it comes to the art of making music.  Even in an instrumental setting like this new single “Childish” by Miky Anton, there’s always something being communicated…that’s why we’re all in this in the first place as musicians & artists…to communicate something.  In just about 99% of the cases out there, that something being sought to be communicated is something we’ve already experienced…

…and then there’s something like this.

As to how a guy comes up with a concept like this, I do not know.  All I know is what I like – and I like this…I like it a lot.  I’ll fully admit, I’m used to instrumentals with a bit less direction when it comes to what we’re experiencing as listeners, a bit more of an interpretive factor that is usually paired with music without words that allows us to imagine what the song may or may not be about.  Here on “Childish,” there is a full concept in bloom and a storyline behind the music that will intersect & interact with the sound…essentially, you’ll hear the sound of kids in the background at times through this song.  The reason they’re there, as has been explained to me here in these notes I have, is that…well…there’s a lady going on a date…and even though she’s in a rush to get to it…she still has time to consider having children while she’s getting ready & in the video supporting “Childish,” you’ll find this being acted out onscreen.  And I’ll fully admit, conceptually, with the help of the video, I kind of understand this a bit better, even if it still doesn’t make any sense to me at all…am I sure that this is how women think?  No.  Am I sure it’s not?  No to that too.  Am I fairly convinced that this may be an interpretation or perception on how women think about date night?  Yes.  Is there risk in that?  For sure there is.  Especially in today’s world…it’s tough to not be misinterpreted, even in an instrumental setting; but for what it’s worth, I think people will come to the same conclusion I have, which is that the intentions of this song & video are completely sweet ones.  Visually, when you see how the video works, it’s actually quite easy to picture how well Miky’s music would work in a theatrical setting, quite honestly, this is perfect for that.  As quirky as the concept might be at the heart of it, when everything is combined from what you see onscreen to what you hear through your speakers…I dunno…it’s seriously hard to explain, but in the oddness you’ll find, you’ll also discover something incredibly sincere that possesses the real magic of music.  There’s an enthusiasm, a passion, a yearning to do something new & uncover some of the wonder that still lies ahead by trying something on “Childish” that essentially combines two mediums together into one full experience.  As much as I like the song, it’s the video supporting it that really ties its underlying story together; and vice-versa, without the music, what we see onscreen wouldn’t have the joy, emotion, excitement, and anticipation that we end up feeling as a result.  Don’t get me wrong, it certainly IS possible to enjoy each on their own (song/video), but when combined, you definitely get the full scope of what Miky Anton was looking to create with this concept all-around, sonically & visually.

So…here’s how I’ll put it…some people are gonna be right into that added layer of storyline, while others will concentrate on the music alone.  To comment on that…I mean, what else can be said?  Miky is a fantastic musician – I absolutely love hearing & watching this guy play the violin and I’d do so happily for days on end, he’s flawless.  The cheery melody he’s playing, the uplifting beat and energy surrounding it…”Childish” is the kind of song that makes ya feel good while you listen to it…it’s welcoming, inviting, warm, and comforting at every turn.  Through the combination of a couple layers in the mix, Miky makes the way “Childish” moves remarkably entertaining and absolutely never dull – it celebrates the joy of music just as much as it displays the skill.  Truly, not enough could ever be said about the incredible way that Miky plays the violin – he’s a serious world-class talent, innovative, inventive, and clearly full of the imagination in his ideas that will set him apart from anything & anyone else out there right now.  It’s part classical, part crossover, part viral video potential – and all quite astounding really; while I’ll admit I might not fully know what to make of “Childish” overall, I certainly feel like I’ve enjoyed every second.

Find more music by Miky Anton at his official page at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/3aPsI8eE5xN5EyIyOhkr8P

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