Michael Dean – “Young Midas” Feat. Tya Mac

 Michael Dean – “Young Midas” Feat. Tya Mac

Michael Dean – “Young Midas” Feat. Tya Mac – Single Review

I’ve often cited just how many different ways music can factor into our lives and play different roles in our lives.  Take right now for instance…a perfect example…I’ve got “Young Midas” cranked-up on repeat while in the middle of a poker tournament online on the side.  Now…I don’t know that I can call the swift upturn in my luck purely coincidence…I mean, the two emcees attacking the microphone on this track are literally talking about touching things and turning them to gold like “Young Midas.”  Whatever their alchemy provides audibly, I’m willing to listen – daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

Anyhow…what’s not gambling is betting on Michael Dean and Tya Mac to BRING IT to this track…that’s not a risk of any kind I assure you – that’s what we call a sure thang.  This track is HUGE and has a ton of hook & pull to both the verse & chorus, music & vocals…it all comes together as it should in this collaborative effort of combined talent.  “Young Midas” becomes a seriously explosive anthem…something catchy you can instantly get into and the more you listen to it, the bigger, badder & better it seems to become.

Salute to the effort here and really stepping up the microphone…Michael Dean and Tya Mac both sound intense, confident and right into the moment.   I think the verses are spit with precision and a matching aggression that suits the music really well and I think the chorus takes the entire song to the next-level it was looking to rise-up to with great success.  “Young Midas” becomes massive in sound through their wild performances and a song with a ton of appeal & current with what’s out there in rap-music today.  So really…these two kinda have like, everything going for them on this one…it’s not just good, it’s great – and it’s what people are listening to right NOW.

The dynamic canvas in the music deserves credit for certain as well.  Produced by Tyler Cederoth, “Young Midas” pops with electro enthusiasm in all the places it should and provides a wicked spotlight for these emcees to let it all out.  Lyrically, you’ve got everything from the serious to the lighter-side in a diverse but effective mix that allows for contrast but also easy acceptance from the ears…and they’re effective whether keeping it real or laying out tag-lines & jokes – so you get a really well-rounded idea on “Young Midas” overall that never gets too serious and never goes too far with any line where the messages would get muddy.  They’ve put thought & effort here to make sure everything from the pacing in the metering to the tone on the delivery is flowing just right…and that time & effort have paid off.

No reason I can hear that all the hands involved in making this track shouldn’t be proud of the end result here; the music pulses with electro-venom and attention-grabbing sound while the rap/hooks overtop display an intense amount of dedication and skill towards the overall vision for this cut.  “Young Midas” is a fully-realized idea that has powerful punch in the sound, performance & writing and definitely hits the mark on target.

Find more music from Michael Dean at his official Soundcloud page:  https://soundcloud.com/michaeldeanggm

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