MELØ – “Mysteria”

 MELØ – “Mysteria”

MELØ – “Mysteria” – Single Review

Futuristic synth-pop with a modern edge.”  #Hmmmmmm  #YouSaySoDoYaMyCanadianBrother

I might have to push back on that a little bit…but I’ll be gentle about it.  MELØ’s got a really stellar beard that’s pretty much as legendary as the one I’ve got attached to my chin…similar length, similar thickness – the kind of beard that says, “I’ve been around for a minute or two, and I have seen some things y’all…

…one of those things being, at the very least, SOME of the 80s.  Am I right MELØ?

For the time being…the “futuristic” part of his sonic definition might have to take a backseat until proven otherwise – MELØ’s diggin’ into the roots of Synth-Pop/Rock here, proudly attributed to the 80s mainly, but of course, resurfacing largely in artists like The Weeknd right now too.  So don’t get me wrong, don’t get it twisted – ultimately, MELØ’s rockin’ a very relevant sound that people out there are digging on right at this very moment…I’m just sayin’ – the beard don’t lie – this man knows where the real history of a vibe like this come from.  To me, having grown up throughout the very decade in question – “Mysteria” played out a lot like it had the songwriting of Def Leppard with more Pop-like inclinations in the overall sound…but if you’re listening to the way the chorus works with the vocals & the general flow of the song’s structure, I guarantee, you’ll find similarities that’ll make sense of what I’m saying in this comparison.  Ain’t no shame in the game, and certainly nothing wrong whatsoever with busting out a vibe like that – I’m just callin’ it like I hear it like I always do – me, the same guy that would happily shout from a mountaintop just how much I still love Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”  A track like “Mysteria” ain’t beyond me at all – I ain’t denying that this song is built of pure hooks that shimmer & shine from the lefts to the rights with all that implied addictive catchiness you’d expect after everything I’ve cited so far.  Bearded guys like MELØ and I might know where a vibe like this traces back to, but *hikes up old-man pants way too far…* – all the kids these days think it’s 100% brand-new anyhow!  So shhhhh!  Don’t tell’em!  Music is a fully cyclical machine…they’ll find that out soon enough.

So we call it Synth-Rock, or Vapourwave, or Post-New Wave…a label is only as good as it helps ya locate the music…and as long as you can find your way to “Mysteria” in some way through online streaming or your own files on the other side of your screen, I’d say you’re doin’ just fine.  I’m not 100% sure when it was officially released, but from what it looks like on the time-stamp that comes with the video supporting MELØ’s new single, I’m thinkin’ somewhere around the end of October last year.  The reason I bring this up is because…well…believe me when I say, the dude’s racking tens of thousands of hits in between Spotify & YouTube alone in just a couple short months…it’s clear people ARE finding their way to this tune, and that they’re doin’ that right NOW.  It makes perfect sense to me really – I listen to a track like “Mysteria” and, sure, I might have some fun here in a review with labels & names & all that, but make no mistake – that’s really all I’m left with!  There’s nothing I’m hearing that concerns me, nothing I’d recommend that MELØ tweaks or changes to improve on what he’s doin’ – “Mysteria” is the sound of an artist that knows his sound, knows his song, and knows full-well that this is his moment – it’s the sound of a dude that’s in control of his destiny.  MELØ’s got the craft down to a science when it comes to the results you’ll hear – “Mysteria” is slick & stylistic, and glides along with its synth-pulse in the verses before blossoming opening even further into the melodic magic offered through the chorus.

Memorable hooks though…don’t let the mellow vibes fool ya – you’ll remember what you hear in the chorus of “Mysteria” and more than likely be singing it around the house like I have been all this week.  All-in-all, I feel like MELØ is on extremely solid ground with a single like this, that has such widespread appeal and welcoming sound…”Mysteria” is built upon a lot of what has made music great throughout the years, and synth vibes that have found their place amongst the most timeless tunes you still listen to now – I’d be much more shocked to hear about people not loving this song as opposed TO loving it, you follow me?  Accessibility, universal vibes, a talented artist up front on the mic, hooks that’ll get people dancing or simply turning this track up to enjoy it on repeat… MELØ’s got all this working in his favour already, and a whole lot more in-store for ya – our Canadian brother here has put himself in a fantastic position to make a great first impression on ya with “Mysteria,” and perhaps even more importantly, he gives you multiple reasons to return for that next tune he puts out with the quality you’ll find in this cut.

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