Mell Bowser – “Lonely World”

 Mell Bowser – “Lonely World”

Mell Bowser – “Lonely World” – Music Video Post

Well…hmm…I gotta say – I was kind of hoping for a happier ending here to this video than the one we get!  Seemed like for a moment there, our star of the show was going to not be so lonely for the future to follow, and had finally found his dream girl after all…but maybe that’s exactly what it was – a dream.  Ultimately, you gotta give it up to Mell Bowser…by the time you reach the end of this video, you’ll be reminded of the fact that this can definitely be one “Lonely World” after all…and maybe that’s just the way it is.

Really, what Bowser’s got here is a cut that examines whether it’s better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all – or if the magic of one night is able to keep us happy enough in this life we’re livin.’  Interpretation is key here for sure – some of you will get to the ending of “Lonely World” and feel like it IS a happy ending – and if that’s the case, don’t get it twisted – we salute ya!  Love is a strange thing on this planet…and whether you find it for a minute, or for a lifetime, embrace it for all it’s worth, every chance you get.  I really enjoyed the thought-provoking aspect of the philosophy behind a song like this and the video that comes with it…and I’m fully confident that a whole bunch of you will feel the same.

Teaming up with Jade Productions was a great call for Mell to have made – they’ve got this video dialed right in to look fantastic onscreen, tell a real story, give us time with the main star of the show, and make a clever interpretation of the song come to life onscreen in a way that’ll have you watching and cheering for the man to find his lady.  “Lonely World” is more about what happens when we “cross paths with a soulmate” – for real…think about it – what happens to your whole world when the love of your life might be right there in front of you?  You’ve gotta shoot your shot right?  Many of you have already been there…and you know exactly how profoundly life-changing this moment in time can be.

I love, love, love the fact this video follows the story of a homeless dude, just trying to make his way in life…it’s visual confirmation of the fact that the possibility of love does exist for every single one of us, and can find us even in the hardest of circumstances.  It’s a reminder that each and every day we’re alive is full of unknown potential – and it could very well end up changing the course of your entire life.  Mell’s got a great single/video combo here that gets to the heart of what’s important to us in a variety of ways…and his down-to-earth vibe works brilliantly with this dreamy tale about the real power of love.

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