Meghan Pulles – “New Horizon” Feat. Craig Sayer

 Meghan Pulles – “New Horizon” Feat. Craig Sayer

Meghan Pulles – “New Horizon” Feat. Craig Sayer – Single Review

So let’s see here…how do I put this?

I guess the best way I can say it is to just say it plain – I wracked my brain trying to recall whatever song it is out there that I know of in comparison to the verses Meghan’s written that are nearly a dead ringer for the same design…heck, I even scanned my millions of files hoping I might just randomly stumble across it somehow.  I never did.  As certain as I am of its familiarity, I never did find it.  My brain keeps screaming at me that it’s by the Head And The Heart, but I’ve yet to track down that song I swear exists in comparison.  At the end of the day, sometimes ya just gotta throw in the towel I suppose…recognize you’re starting to get older, or at the very least, you’ve listened to so much music that the whole picture starts to get fuzzier as time goes by – and you’ve gotta give Meghan credit for sounding like something, but clearly still doing enough of her own thing if there’s really nothing out there you can cite or pinpoint directly to compare her to.  I’m gonna toss & turn over this for days, but I’ll hand her the victory for now.

Besides – I like what I hear, and I really like what I see out there online about Meghan as well.

What I can tell ya for sure is this – she could certainly play a show with the Head And The Heart and no one out there would object to that double-bill.  That’s the realm of sound you can expect to find her in and the level of sweetness & melody you’ll find on her shiny new single “New Horizon” featuring Craig Sayer…you know, folksy, artistic, welcoming…that kind of naturally endearing charm & talent that quickly pulls ya in to listen – Meghan’s got plenty of these qualities.  As far as I know & I’ve read online, she’s currently raising the funds to support her debut record – and ultimately you’ll find no argument from me against this single “New Horizon” being the enticing song you wanna hear at this stage of the game as she makes her way forward to the most exciting time in an artist’s or band’s career.  I like the determination & passion you can see in the way she communicates to her growing fan-base, and her positive outlook on her whole journey…her mission…her reasons WHY she wants to do this, are more than respectable – sure she’s making music because she loves it, but there are altruistic reasons to be found as well that prove she’s got her eye on a bigger prize, where she can truly help the greater good.  So salute to all this stuff, because it’s great, and I love reading information like this that instantly confirms Meghan’s got a point of view & a perspective to go along with her outstanding voice that gives her many reasons to use it & raise it up loud’n’proud.  Listening to her fills me with massive hope for the future she’s got in front of her…”New Horizon” certainly sounds like an artist that is ready for that next exciting chapter to come…there’s nothing here that I can hear that I’d recommend changing around or adjusting…Pulles has a solid song with a down-to-earth but dreamy vibe.  Above all things perhaps, and what’s going to be key to her career to follow, is the truly remarkable character she’s got in her voice.

It’s the dawning of a new day for this artist, and it makes perfect sense that so much of “New Horizon” echoes that spirit of moving up & moving on, drawing on the positive-mindset that fuels Meghan today.  She puts in a performance that she should definitely be proud of both from the lead and in the backing vocals as well – and the music surrounding her, presumably at least played in-part by her featured guest/musical multi-talent Craig Sayer, all sounds perfectly suited to the strengths of her style & way that she sings.  I never know who does what on just about any song I listen to – I just know what sounds good, and this is that.  All the right pieces are there…and the uniqueness I was looking for always showed up outside of the verses in the chorus and the instrumental parts where she’s be singing vocalizations without using any actual words.  To me, all the right pieces are here, and Meghan’s got every right to believe that she’s got a valid place as a career musician with the potential she has in her songwriting, her empowered confidence, and the stellar voice she’s got – she’s on her way to brighter days and a whole “New Horizon” of possibilities & opportunities ahead as she makes her way towards her debut record & many successful years to follow.

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