Meccah Dawn – “Bride Of Frankenstein”

 Meccah Dawn – “Bride Of Frankenstein”

I’m 100% all about this.

Absolutely rad new video/single from rapper Meccah Dawn – finding expressive artists like her along our adventures has always been exactly where we’re at.  “Bride Of Frankenstein” is a highlight example of the talented lyrical skills & flow she has as an emcee – but also a stunning example of what she’s capable of as an all-around entertainer.  The video perfectly complements the song…it’s even got Meccah Dawn rhyming in a straightjacket – but hey, you’ve gotta be at least a lil’ bit crazy if you’re going to be a real artist right?  Confident, cool as hell…and yeah, maybe a lil’ bit crazy…but that’s more than alright with me; I really dig what she’s got goin’ on with “Bride Of Frankstein” and I bet you will too – check it out below!

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