Mark DiPino – “Love Goes Viral”

 Mark DiPino – “Love Goes Viral”

With so many artists & bands & people out there in the world focused all too much on the many hardships & personal issues experienced during the days of Covid – it’s excellent to find someone like Mark DiPino that has found a much more positive perspective on how the pandemic has affected us all.  At a time where it could be so easy to complain, Mark’s chosen to directly go the complete opposite direction, and point out just how many things have gone right during this time of crisis – his new single “Love Goes Viral” is a beautiful reminder that so many people on this planet have stepped up to help & assist when the world has needed it most.  From the first responders, doctors, nurses, and all-out humanitarians that have inspired him to write this song, to the neighbors both close & far away all doing what they can to make this time count for every second – “Love Goes Viral” draws a clear line that connects us together no matter how far apart we are, and comforts the hearts & minds listening in the process.  “Sometimes it takes a tragedy to find peace & harmony,” as DiPino will sing – and he sure ain’t wrong about that – the Covid era has taught us all an incredible amount about the space we share between us, and just how important it is to be there for one another in whatever ways we can be right now.  “We could break the cycle of the downward spiral” if we all take a cue from this guy right here – Mark is leading the way by example towards better tomorrows for us all – help the man spread a lil’ love out there and give his brand-new video for “Love Goes Viral” a click or two below!

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