Mandy Rowden – “Sing Hallelujah”

 Mandy Rowden – “Sing Hallelujah”

Mandy Rowden – “Sing Hallelujah” – Single Review

Absolutely solid stuff from artist Mandy Rowden – I’m digging the sound I hear in her latest single “Sing Hallelujah” – and perhaps even more importantly, I can certainly hear the potential she’s got.  You’ll see labels like Alt-Country attached to Mandy’s music out there…and I wouldn’t dispute that at the end of the day, that’s definitely a valid assessment of her overall sound in many ways; but what’s really quite remarkable about a single like this is how much it hints at so much beyond the borders of any one genre.

And of course, that opens the doors extremely wide for Rowden’s future & career…she could verifiably take her talent in multiple directions and have no problem finding the success she’s seeking out – and that’s because you can hear her genuine sincerity & passion radiate from the energy of her music & vocals.  Word on the street is that she’s got a full album coming out in late 2020…which if I’m reading all the tea leaves correctly, would be her return to the scene after releasing her album 1000 Miles in 2017.  Related side-note…I always think it’s just freakin’ fantastic when you know an artist or band has been away for a moment or two between records…and you hear that comeback in a first single, or see a brand-new video…and you can’t help but feel the inspiration emanating from the speakers surrounding you or the screen in front of your eyes.  You get that desired spark from Mandy’s “Sing Hallelujah,” 100%.  I think you can hear it from the moment the piano first reveals its gentle melody, I think you can hear it in the graceful & bold way that Mandy sings this song, and I think the added punch to the chorus & innovative structure in this five-plus minute-long single really gives us a stunning array of memorable entertainment.  “Sing Hallelujah” flows through a wonderful arrangement that turns hard towards what most would recognize in their endearing Indie/Folk heroes & bands, and in doing so, you realize how an artist like Mandy is capable of being the bridge between worlds of sounds, which is definitely an asset in terms of her accessibility & reaching the masses out there.  Quite honestly, the hybrid design of “Sing Hallelujah” is what leads this tune to a decisive win – you could pick out Pop, Indie, Rock, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Alt-Country, Folk, Spiritual…all this, and arguably the structure of this idea is progressive as well.  So how’s that for a mix & range of ambitious musical-fusion?  Impressive to say the least.  I also think that you can identify with the gripping sincerity you’ll find in Mandy’s vocals…I never ended up with a preference between her performance in the verse or chorus – I think she’s really found insightful ways of approaching this song with the right energy required for each separate gear it has.  Endearing & gentle when it’s called for, inspired & confident when the music surges along with her – and ultimately, always in control of where she’s at in the moment & commanding the microphone with a captivating & charismatic performance that puts her beautifully skilled-yet-vulnerable sound right into the spotlight.  All-around, you feel that balance in “Sing Hallelujah” & come to the implied assumption that yes indeed, Mandy Rowden must be bringing her A-game to the songs on her upcoming record if this first single is any indication, and I’m sure that it is.  Credit to her cohorts of audio awesomeness…Rowden’s got Matt Smith on the bass & Brian Mendes on the drums locking down the rhythm section tight – which leaves Mandy free to roam on the piano, guitar, violin, & vocals in the rest of what you’ll hear.  No complaints from me…I think the fact that there’s such a noticeable set of twists & turns throughout the style, sound, and structure of “Sing Hallelujah” that its ever-moving versatility keeps us fully engaged at all time, if not downright mesmerized at how this song transitions with remarkable ease from such isolated & intimate moments to the strength of its most vibrant & energized allure.  If I’m being completely truthful with you all like I always am…I’m fairly sure that Mandy had me at hello with the sound of the tone in her piano playing, and the first time she raises the stakes with her voice around the thirty-five second mark.  From there, I kept listening of course…I just didn’t need to be convinced anymore – I relaxed, because I could already tell she’s got the goods & the talent it takes to create compelling music.  She brings a poetic & theatrical nature to “Sing Hallelujah,” in addition to breathtaking personal insights & emotional depth that bring the meaning of her words & sentiment straight to the surface for all to hear.  Add in the clever mix this song has going for it, the brilliant solo around the 3:25 mark, the breakdown right afterwards, Mandy’s sweet & bold backing vocals & harmonies, and the absolutely awesome fake-out ending you’ll find…no stone has been left unturned – this is the kind of attention to detail you wanna hear through your speakers.  Wonderfully expressive and designed to get noticed – “Sing Hallelujah” is the kind of single that makes you wanna stand up & cheer in support for an artist like Mandy Rowden; she’s clearly putting her heart & soul into her music…and the results definitely deserve to be heard.

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