Mandalan – “Everything I Ever Need” Feat. Quincy Thompson, SOY RAH, and Justin Jairam

 Mandalan – “Everything I Ever Need” Feat. Quincy Thompson, SOY RAH, and Justin Jairam

Mandalan – “Everything I Ever Need” Feat. Quincy Thompson, SOY RAH, and Justin Jairam – Single Review

The musical mind of James Brennan, the heartbeat at the core of the rhythmic EDM vibes you’ll hear fueling this new single “Everything I Ever Need” featuring guest-stars Quincy Thompson, SOY RAH, and Justin Jairam, is clearly gifted when it comes to the art of expressionism through digital sound.  With all the bright sonic sounds and neon vibes you wanna hear in the dynamics of uplifting Electro music, his work within Mandalan has been thrilling listeners around the globe from his home-base in Los Angeles.

While there are a LOT of words in the mix here when it comes right down to it, there’s an interesting dynamic that presents itself through having so many of them involved.  Y’all know what EDM can often be like…more than half the time you get a couple words or lines here & there, but with “Everything I Ever Need” you get more than you’d find in most tunes, delivered at a fairly rapid pace, which seems to echo the desperation that comes along with the wanting & desire to communicate the messages at the center of this Mandalan single.  You feel a sense of urgency…that’s what I’m saying – and you get that both through the vocals, in addition to the intensity of the music surrounding them.  Make no mistake – sometimes the occasional word or vocalization can go an extremely long way too – listen to the way that SOY RAH contributes to this tune and you’ll know exactly what I mean…she’s got one of the most memorable hooks within this song, and she’s downright essential when it comes right down to it, though arguably, you could still say it’s just a mere fragment of this entire collaborative effort overall.

Bottom line is, everything you’ll hear is vibrant, fresh, ALIVE…it’s got a range of supercharged emotions that go surging through your speakers, and a ton of melody, dynamic sound, and real heart on display from the moment it starts to the final seconds.  It moves so quickly at points, it does carry a vibe that seems like the song is almost trying to say everything all at once – like it’s an open vein of thoughts, feelings, and emotions spilling out everywhere into the colorful EDM sound surrounding them all.  That being said, I don’t hear anything that would theoretically stop the dedicated fans of the Electro-genres from turning this right up – it’s well played, well sung, well assembled & structured, with stellar production – it’d be pretty hard for anyone to really complain about what they hear.  That main line of the chorus, right at the very end…there’s no doubt that’s right at the peak intensity of the demands on the vocals, and we’re kind of on pins & needles as the melody scales up to reach its heights, wondering if Mandalan & his collaborative cohorts can keep the tone on-point right to the very end…and I’d say that, while it rides the edge pretty darn closely, it’s a mission accomplished.  There’s no doubt that you’re hearing a really demanding part to sing in the final run through of the hooks in the finale of “Everything I Ever Need” – but in my opinion, they’ve pulled it off with enough quality all-around to keep everyone onboard from start to finish, and concluded this cut with the same confidence they’ve brought to every moment along the way.  The yearning to express love & receive love is really what comes through the strongest when it comes right down to it – and hey…we’ve all got time for that in some way don’t we?  There’s a very relatable vibe that runs through the frantic intensity and bold emotions that come into play throughout “Everything I Ever Need” – and it’s because of the smart way everyone involved has brought their talents & focus to the vision for what this song was looking to communicate, that they all find success here, together.  The results are a sparkling single that we can genuinely feel – “Everything I Ever Need” has a ton of genuine live-wire juice in its Electro-based vibes, and a whole other dimension of depth & personality brought to the music through the featured guests lending their time and talents.  From the meaty low-end grooves underneath the surface, to the flashy House-style vibes on top, to the uniqueness that each part of this collaboration brings to the entire song as a whole, it all might sound extremely urgent, or even downright desperate at times…but make no mistake, every move being made here is being made with confidence, professionalism, style, and radiant passion – you gotta love that.

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