Magus – “Equilibrio”

 Magus – “Equilibrio”

Magus – “Equilibrio” – Music Video Post

For those out you out there craving more through your Metal – check out what Magus has got goin’ on.  These dudes clearly put a lot of effort into the music they’re making, and you can hear that pay off in the wild intensity that rips through their latest single, “Equilibrio,” which comes from their upcoming record called Divididos, which will be out & available as of November, 2nd this year.  I know tons of people out there that are gonna have a more than favorable opinion of what they hear – Magus sings in Spanish of course, but as long as you’re open to that…man…you’re gonna love what you find in the depths of their massive sound.  Stellar vocals & powerful harmonies in Magus, fiery & passionate instrumentation too – and by the end of “Equilibrio,” well…trust me when I say, you’ll remember this band with the epic finale they’ve put into this single.  All-in-all, Magus comes out with unique, hard-hitting sound and gripping professionalism – not only will you hear it in their latest single, but you’ll see it in action right there in front of your eyes as they take you for a tour into the studio recording sessions to show you exactly how they go about gettin’ the job done.  What I loved about this video…and about Magus in general – is yes, you can see they’re having a little bit of fun along the way for sure – but overall, you’ll see a band of musicians that take their craft very seriously, and when it comes time to record – they are 100% ready to execute.  For real – look at’em!  Every player in Magus is cool as a cucumber, clearly well-rehearsed and ready to rumble with the twists, turns, and many intricate complexities that exist in the structure, design, and melody of “Equilibrio.”  There’s no doubt whatsoever that it’s an extremely demanding track to play & pull off right – and you gotta hand it to Magus for going full-on nuclear when it came to every moment of this single – this is ROBUST y’all – that’s right, I said it.  I mean it though – there’s a ton of life running through the veins of Magus’ music straight-up!  Hearing them surge to the heights of intensity through the main chorus hooks and enormous finale…like…there’s some seriously awe-inspiring stuff happenin’ in “Equilibrio” that can’t be denied!  What else can be said?  This was a wild experience that I’m certainly not gonna forget any time soon, and I’d imagine you true Metal fans will all feel the same.

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