MADBUCKSZ – “Live Life”

 MADBUCKSZ – “Live Life”

MADBUCKSZ is just out here tryin’ to “Live Life” to the fullest yo – respect!

Especially in times like these…we all need a reminder of what’s really important.  Leading by example, is the main star of the show, MADBUCKSZ, who comes out swingin’ for the fence and cracks a solid home-run as he shifts his speed throughout the bars and shows the world what it means to put the rhythm in the rhyme.  Tons of hooks in this cut from beginning to end!  MADBUCKSZ is livin’ life to the fullest right there in front of us onscreen in the video, and you can clearly hear he’s havin’ a good time doin’ it from what’s comin’ through your speakers – “Live Life” pumps out supreme party vibes while keepin’ it all incredibly real for ya at the same time.  There’s a lot of wisdom in these words and a lot of experience & insight y’all can benefit from – so turn up & pay attention!  The spirit is strong in this guy; he’s surging forward with real confidence and bars that make a memorable impact – and clearly he ain’t stoppin’ until he ends up on the top of the charts where his music belongs.  Peep this stellar video for the single “Live Life” by MADBUCKSZ below yo – enjoy!

Brought to you direct from the Hitseakersz Music Group, “Live Life” comes from the new MADBUCKSZ record called STARBUCKSZ – find out more about the man & about the music at the official pages below!






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