M.C. Pollock – “Tell Your Boss”

 M.C. Pollock – “Tell Your Boss”

M.C. Pollock – “Tell Your Boss” – Single Review

Good luck singing this one in the shower dear readers. Unless you’ve got yourself a great stash of helium balloons nearby, chances are you’re going to find yourself sounding on the low-end of life in comparisons to the heights that M.C. Pollock can reach through his vocals. Or unless you’re like…Adam Levine. Adam, if you’re reading this like I assume you are…watch out for the new guy M.C. Pollock…he’s definitely giving you a run for trying to reach the outer-atmosphere of Earth with the high-notes…

For the most part, even though there’s certainly a comparison to be made in the land of falsetto, unless you count remixes & collaborations, M.C. Pollock is doing something quite different than Levine does in Maroon 5. With a subtle electro-pulse, the music in behind Pollock is gentle and allows him to really put his main talent on display. Frank Ocean….Adam Levine….M.C. Pollock….for many reasons these three names could become synonymous simply from their outstanding vocal-tones; that’s the kind of stellar company anyone would want to keep in the music gambit.

Lyrically, it serves the purpose. Though I remember writing a song once describing someone in a similar way and used the idea of ‘liking or loving a smell’ of a person. And I remember…thankfully…tossing that line out for something else. Every time I sang it or heard it…it just sounded a little-more creepy than it did hot. Mind you, I look like a garden-gnome; I’m sure M.C. Pollock doesn’t have that same issue. There’s really not much to complain about in M.C. Pollock’s new single “Tell Your Boss;” when it comes to pretty much anything here on this song, it would simply be personal preference as opposed to something technical. So I don’t think the word ‘smell’ has any place in any song like, ever; I’d certainly trade that stance for the flawless production you receive on “Tell Your Boss.”

Right around the minute-and-a-half mark, the electro pulses and breaks through in an enthusiastic-vibe as M.C. Pollock gets himself ready to deliver another stellar verse. And YEP – I’ve said it I know – but MAN can this guy sing! Right now I’d pretty much vote M.C. Pollock as the ‘artist most likely to make you forget the existence of Jason Derulo.’ Not even kidding…take a listen to this guy’s confident approach on “Tell Your Boss;” he’s killin’ it on every note & tone, providing an energetic and skilful performance that goes a long way towards solidifying Pollock’s rightful place among the best out there in the pop/electro genres today.

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