Luxe LeBlanc – Intergalactic & Reckless

 Luxe LeBlanc – Intergalactic & Reckless

Luxe LeBlanc – Intergalactic & Reckless – EP Review

I mean…if you’re REALLY gonna bring it to another level these days, you gotta start looking beyond Earth apparently now!  Luxe LeBlanc gets it, he’s goin’ fully Intergalactic & Reckless on his brand-new 2019 EP.

The first thing that caught my attention on the title-track “Intergalactic & Reckless” was that, even with all the intense grittiness and seriousness Luxe spits with, you really can’t help but notice the poetic design of his lyrics…not only is the man wickedly skilled when it comes to the bars he drops, but he’s got a ton of actually unique stuff to say in the thick of it all that you haven’t heard before.  It makes a difference yo!  He’s “got that package – and no, it’s not severance” – I’d imagine you can take that to the bank y’all, considering word being bond & all…which it most certainly IS for this wordsmith.  Luxe is a microphone SAVAGE yo!  “Intergalactic & Reckless” may appear friendly on the surface with the glossy hooks of the chorus shining so hard – but make sure you’re diving deep into what this emcee has to say – these lines & bars come out fluid & flow with stunning precision.  Just like you’ll hear on this first impression of Intergalactic & Reckless through the EP’s title-track, the sheer SPEED of his flow reaches into the beyond as the words come at ya in hyper-speed at the height of his intensity – it certainly makes you instantly appreciate just how capable Luxe is and how rounded his skills are as an all-around entertainer.  And if for some reason he don’t have you convinced just yet – believe me, keep listening.

Because if you’re not convinced by “HAZE” there ain’t much that could be done for ya – this track SLAYS.  Smooth AF from beginning to end, Luxe flexes stylistic rhymes…self-described “futuristic alien” that he is – he’s definitely making a strong argument for that being the truth with some seriously superhuman moves throughout Intergalactic & Reckless.  The jazzy & soulful hooks & killer bars you’ll find on “HAZE” and the way LeBlanc’s vocals bounce off the walls from the lefts to the rights in the chorus behind the sweet sounds on the mic…it all stacks up solidly here…this is single-worthy sound for sure y’all.  Those BASS-LINES yo…what are you gonna do other than love what you hear on “HAZE?”  The vibe is right in-line with the title…it’s as hazy as it gets, while still putting the verbal finesse on display with complete focus…Luxe raps with remarkable precision, fast or slow, inside & outside of the hooks – the dude does an extremely job of making sure the entertainment factor is there, the tone is in-line, and that the words themselves stay engaging at all times.  With the crisp snap of the snare and smart atmospheric music drifting into “HAZE” and hanging in the air like smoke, the gorgeous female-driven vocals in the main hooks, and the endlessly entertaining flow from the main man on the mic – you can’t lose on this cut.

Middle fingers UP, Luxe surges into the low-end driven sounds of “Night Fall” with a continuous stream of words that display all the style & finesse you can hope to fit into your speakers.  He’s somewhat working within a tried, tested, & true flow for the melody-line of the hooks in the chorus, but that’s more than fine…it ends up creating an oddly familiar vibe that connects, and the diversity, versatility, and all-out ELECTRICITY you’re looking for is in the verses ANYHOW – like it always SHOULD be with a great emcee.  Ain’t no complainin’ tho – “Night Fall” is full of sound that’ll grab your attention and a performance from LeBlanc that continues shifts gears until he’s completely blazin’ fire on the m-i-c.  Dude rhymes QUICK, confident, and keeps his head up at all times, making sure he’s focused on landing that next verbal punch and making an impact with the commitment & conviction in his tone at all times.  He might spit it RAW for ya like he does on “Night Fall” – but don’t mistake wild’n’out for being unorganized or unrehearsed – you can hear from the way Luxe approaches the mic with such relentless energy and flawless flow that when it comes time to record & those studio lights switch on, he’s ready.  Listen to moments like how he attacks the first verse and uses the punch, dynamics, beat, AND space to his advantage when he raps…I’m tellin’ y’all, he’s a smart emcee who’s putting the effort in where it matters most…and as a result, you hear how locked into the flow he becomes on “Night Fall.”  Ain’t no breakin’ this emcee’s concentration or disturbing his flow – he holds the mic with a fist of pure steel.

If we talkin’ bout booty, than she’s well equipped!” – this emcee proves he’s got the “heart of a demon” on “Ain’t Ready” – crushin’ this cut from the lefts the rights.  This track makes a serious impact with MASSIVE sound in behind the mic, amping up the intensity, mischief, and all-out mayhem you’ll find on “Ain’t Ready.”  Why is it called “Ain’t Ready,” you ask?  Cause you “Ain’t Ready” for this – that’s why!  The hooks come out golden on this cut and the sheer diversity in this whole vibe makes an impression with dynamic sound pumping out of every pore of this track.  The kind of uniqueness you want is here…it’s part Trap, part Rap, part Art, part MORE and EXTRA like you KNOW you want it – Luxe comes out swinging on the mic and has “three bad bitches fightin’ for semen” – you get the idea – things get…ummm…let’s just say there’s plenty of lyrical imagery goin’ on that makes the picture crystal clear.  It’s the wildness & personality you’ll find in the charisma being put into the mic…it’s the fact that that “Ain’t Ready” pushes the boundaries at every moment, whether it’s the gigantic sound, or the lines guaranteed to get you raisin’ an eyebrow or two…”Ain’t Ready” speaks to the next-level readiness of this emcee and the fun side of seriousness at the same damn time.  I don’t even really know how you go about accomplishing all that…but I ain’t the chef here – Luxe is the one cookin’ ya up something real nice on this track…but I’m still standing by what I said already – you “Ain’t Ready” for him!  I mean…I highly suggest you test that out for yourself by checking out Intergalactic & Reckless…but you know you “Ain’t Ready” if you’re being honest with yourself, admit it.  I wasn’t ready either when I first started listenin, don’t worry, it’s cool – I’ve only learned how to be ready by listening on repeat; we can all catch up and catch a ride on Luxe’s bandwagon from here on out…throw some elbows, find some room.

“Galaxy” makes smart use of a whole different style of sound than what we’ve heard on the record so far to bring it all home, while still pushing the sonic boundaries of his style into the intergalactic concepts from where it all began, cleverly enhanced by the effects on the vocals in the hooks.  Killer use of backing-vocals throughout the main chorus too…a ton of personality & spark is added to “Galaxy” by having those in there busting it up from behind with such noteworthy enthusiasm.  Right away the noticeable soft sound of the piano melody shifts the whole sound in a completely rad & isolated direction for the final moment on Intergalactic & Reckless – and then when you hear the editing & way it becomes digitalized into “Galaxy” as it begins, you’ll hear how mellow can be damn-well exciting too.  It’s about making confident moves that matter on the mic…handin’ your BUSINESS – you don’t wanna fuck with Luxe right now, because he’s in his element right now, as he’ll tell ya himself on this final cut.  But for the record, he’s proved that plenty throughout this whole EP – it’s not just a line on this last song, it’s a fact about where he’s at in the right here & now; teeming with confidence and the skills to back it up, LeBlanc has rocked the mic hard from one side of this record straight over to the other, 100%.

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