Lourdes Pita – “Lamento Cubano”

 Lourdes Pita – “Lamento Cubano”

Lourdes Pita – “Lamento Cubano” – Single Review


I absolutely love what I’m hearing from this international sensation with the crossover sound – Lourdes Pita has got an excellent single picked out from her most recent album.  “Lamento Cubano” is the title track from that very record I’m referring to…so I suppose it only makes sense that it’s the opening song on the album and that it makes a great choice as a single to have put out there.  At least, that’s always the hope, right?  Believe me when I tell ya, there are a great many title-tunes out there that don’t measure up to the expectations we have of a song that’d be the centerpiece of an entire album, but that is definitely not the case here today – Lourdes sounds completely captivating on “Lamento Cubano.”

Enchanting, compelling, artistic…you name it, and she IS it, you know what I mean?  The colorful flavor and soul in this single is genuinely staggering y’all…I’m genuinely blown away by how well-crafted this cut is.  It’s got a beautiful thread of mysterious sound to it that works perfectly, that right hint of drama to go with it, and an array of inspired instrumentation that is nothing short of flawless from start to finish.  It’d be hard to complain about what we hear on “Lamento Cubano,” and I ain’t gonna be the guy to try!  As far as my ears are concerned, Lourdes should be truly proud of how vibrant & versatile her title-track came out, and how wonderfully it will represent her music out there to everyone listening.

From Lourdes’ excellent & expressive guitar, to the haunting melody of the piano from Geoff Gee, to the perfect bass-lines that run through the heart of this tune played by Linda Chase, to the brilliant shine of the trumpet added in from Al Garay – “Lamento Cubano” is filled with impressive instrumentation from start to finish that is authentically amazing to listen to.  Pita’s vocals are equally exceptional – she’s got an awesome voice that is filled with character and a natural ability with words that reveals the depth of her connection to emotion, art, and poetry – the latter of which she likely gets directly from her mother, the legendary Juana Rosa Pita, the internationally acclaimed poet.  I don’t know much about anything in this world outside of music when it comes right down to it, but I can only imagine how extraordinarily proud of Lourdes that her mother must be while listening to her daughter flourishing within her own art.

For real y’all…I think we’re very lucky to have Lourdes on our pages and playlists…she’s a powerful example of how crossover sound can be so much more successful than we tend to realize.  A lot of folks on the western side of world seem to be rooted in the idea that any kind of music that’s not in English would prove to be tougher to enjoy for them – and if that’s YOU, then I’d fully recommend you put on a song like “Lamento Cubano” to see just how quickly you fall in love with this enchanting and compelling single from Lourdes Pita.  Because I bet you’ll grow as attached as I did, and just as quickly, no matter what you normally listen to.  That’s the real magic of uniqueness, crossover potential, art, and emotion combined together as one – which is exactly what you’ll find in both this song & the artist that created it.  For as technically melancholic, or outright sad, as it can technically be when you consider the words, there’s also an undeniable beauty that resides in the heart of Lourdes’ lyrical observations on her homeland, her perspective on what makes it so gorgeous, and of course, the melody/harmonies of the chorus as well.  The contrast is absolutely incredible to experience, and makes for a song that is filled with bold emotion, admirable character, tremendous detail, and instrumentation that speaks to you.

I’m nothing but impressed with “Lamento Cubano” from the concept, straight through to the writing and the performance from Lourdes & the talented musicians she’s got supporting her.  Definitely one of my favorite cross-cultural tunes of this year so far without a doubt, and a song you should all listen to.  Lourdes Pita is a perfect example of a musician that knows how to create entirely authentic audible art.

Find out more about Lourdes Pita from her official website at:  https://lourdespita.com

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