Louise Cappi – “Hope”

 Louise Cappi – “Hope”

Louise Cappi – “Hope” – Single Review

I mean…if y’ain’t feelin’ those bass-lines right from the very first second of Louise Cappi’s “Hope” as it begins – you might just be beyond it!  Hope that is.  And hopefully you’re not!  Hopefully you hear those bass-lines and their inviting warmth, and it all pulls you right in as quickly as it did for me when I listened to this single for the very first time.  There’s actually quite a plethora of stunning musicianship to be found in this song when it comes right down to it – as you head towards the third minute you’ll hear how essential the piano is, how incredible the tones & technique of the guitar are, how perfectly ready to support all this amazing stuff the drums are in how they’re played…you’ll hear it all throughout this song, but there are indeed some highlights for the instrumentation in “Hope” that you cannot miss out on too.  And then there’s this sensational voice that belongs to Louise…I should probably mention that too…

What is hope?” she sings – and she’ll go on to define it in many insightful ways, like “the steel in your spine that takes you to the finish line” – she ain’t wrong in any of her assessments or definitions – but here’s one more for ya: THIS.  “Hope” was hope for a guy like me, who is always hoping to find artists out there thriving in their element – it’s inspiring to hear Louise so clearly locked right into the magic of the moment and feelin’ this single as much as she certainly is.  It’s a really well-played tune and there’s no two-ways about that…but it’s what Cappi brings to the melody and her vocals that puts real life into the veins of this song overall with the jazzy & soulful way she sings it.  If I had to hazard a guess, I’d tell ya that this New Orleans-based artist has spent a few years or more faithfully dedicated to the church of Bonnie Raitt – in my heart of hearts, I “Hope” we’ve all spent some time there at some point in our listening experiences…but the point is, you’ll hear that same kind of stellar combination of Soul & Blues delivered with passion, confidence, style, and a little swagger in the mix that you couldn’t miss either.

Let’s just call it like we hear it shall we?  Artists like Cappi & Raitt just have an exceptionally cool sound & grounded way about them that immediately draws you in through the welcoming vibes of their voices and the wisdom you’ll find tends to come along with every syllable they sing for ya.  With the core sentiment of her single surrounding the many definitions of “Hope” and its many positive attributes, purposes, intentions, and ambitions – you gotta dig what this single says about Cappi as a whole – trust me when I tell ya, you don’t end up with a song like this with a negative mindset, you feel me?  “Hope” is built & designed from the ground up to inspire & remind you of all the good things goin’ on out there, and ultimately what “Hope” allows us the real opportunity to pursue in our lifetimes.  She’s poetic, but more importantly, she’s extremely down-to-earth – you can connect to what Louise is singing about in a genuinely tangible way – you listen to her definitions of “Hope” and you’re like, “YEAH – that’s how I feel too!”  She’s done an exceptional job in her lyrical detail, and she puts the conviction you wanna hear behind every word as she sings it – Cappi’s got a truly outstanding voice, and she’s put in a wonderful performance to be proud of that highlights the sincerity and strength that is threaded into the meaning & altruistic intentions of her new single from start to finish.  I mean…she had me at hello with the bass-lines and I’ve made that much plenty clear – but to be crystal clear, “Hope” goes on to reveal so many more reasons to like it or love it from there forward, right through to the end.  Like the backing vocals for instance!  Perfection!  Love the way they respond to Cappi’s lead and bring in a Gospel-esque vibe to the song as a result…you wonder what she’ll do with the remaining four-minutes or so after you cycle through the first verse & chorus, and the backing vocals added in are one of the best ways she goes about raising the stakes along the way.  They add a bit more drama, a bit more soul to back up her lead, a bit more vibrant sound to the whole concept & idea – and in the end, a lot of essential contributions in the background end up being crucial to “Hope” becoming as all-encompassing and fully-realized as it is.  Cappi’s done an excellent job in leading “Hope” to its audibly enticing & engaging results – I love that she’s got such a fantastic voice & the real courage to let the music shine equally around her – like I said, she’s the kind of artist that gives ME “Hope” – because every decision you’ll hear being made on this track is the right call to have made, and the results reveal a song that everyone out there will connect to.

Find out more about Louise Cappi from her official website at:  https://louisecappimusic.com

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