Lina Dior – “Ecstasy” Feat. OG Stally – Behind The Scenes

 Lina Dior – “Ecstasy” Feat. OG Stally – Behind The Scenes

Lights, camera, action!  You KNOW you’ve always wanted to peek behind the curtain, and thanks to V12MusicLLC presenting this behind the scenes glimpse at the making of Lina Dior’s hot new single “Ecstasy” featuring OG Stally in the mix, you’ll get a full tour & see exactly how all the magic happens when an entire crew of truly dedicated professionals come together.  Armed with a complete complement of RED cameras, robotics, green screens, and more – you’ll see it takes a whole village to raise a video y’all, and it’s inspiring to see just how well all these people are working together to get the job done RIGHT.  It’s easy to get caught up in the glamour & glitz of the final product when a new vid gets put out there on the internet & rightly so – when you see how much goes into making one, you should be mesmerized by the end results, of course – but it’s important to take a moment to appreciate all the many people out there in the mix that have a hand in making all that happen along the way too.  A glimpse behind the scenes like this does exactly that – not only does it give you a preview of Lina Dior & OG Stally live right there on the set & confirm they’ve got a stellar new video coming your way, but this tour through the world of studio magic also gives you an incredible impression of the fantastic people out there giving their all & bringing their A-game, committed to assisting others on their way into the spotlight & success.

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