Lette Weaver – “Toxic”

 Lette Weaver – “Toxic”

Lette Weaver – “Toxic” – Single Review

H-Town in the house!  #Respect!

Lette Weaver is going to have no problem making her mark in Hip-Hop…not only does she have a sound of her own, but if you read about her online, you’ll find a seriously determined artist ready to do things differently than the rest.  Over the course of the past couple years, she’s been dropping all kinds of singles online and establishing her name in the game…and there’s no doubt that if she continues to put out the kind of quality cuts like “Toxic,” she’s got a bright future ahead while she dominates the present.

On this particular cut, she’s dealing with “Toxic” relationships, and drawing a verbal line in the sand as to where the line is.  A champion of self-worth & empowerment, Lette ain’t just gonna let people trample on her feelings, and she’s a lady that clearly knows what she wants.  As she should y’all – as YOU should too!  Take a page out of Weaver’s playbook and settle for nothing less than you truly deserve in this life.

All-in-all, I think she’s really onto something here.  The skills are immediately noticeable – Lette’s got the ability to hit bars and make an instant impact with her rhythm and flow…and beyond that, she’s really got a signature sound in the tone of her voice…the kind of identity that is priceless when it comes to standing out from the rest of what’s out there in the scene.  I listen to the main hooks of “Toxic” and feel like I could easily pick Lette’s music out of a lineup of tracks on a playlist without seeing the names and titles, you feel me?  At the end of the day, artists can search their entire careers for what Lette already comes with as she’s breaking out…she’s got attitude, she’s got style, she’s got a fearless style of writing that is explicit AF and willing to lay her unfiltered thoughts right on the line.  Like, while “Toxic” might deal with all kinds of issues out loud, you’ll hear straight from the very first lyric she’s put into this song that she’s not afraid to take ownership of her part in what makes and breaks the relationships she’s in.  Ultimately, that speaks volumes on behalf of her character, adds to her street credit, and makes a track like “Toxic” that much more believable as we listen.  “The main problem is me,” as she’ll tell ya straight off the drop – she’ll go on to detail others as well, but she’s clearly willing to let us listeners in on what’s real, for better or for worse…I mean, let’s be real here…we’re all usually the “main problem” in our lives.  Writing brutally honest lyrics like that increases how relatable Lette can be…and like I said, for better or for worse, it’s moves like this that truly make music connect to us all…that’s what makes the experience memorable on a whole other level, because chances are, we identify with things that resonate in our mind as we hear qualities we recognize in ourselves.  Lette’s not the only person at fault – “you wanted the truth, but girl you ain’t innocent” – as the old saying goes, there are two sides to every story, right?

Look – you’ve probably BEEN to where Weaver is at on “Toxic” – and if you haven’t been yet, look the fuck out, because that day comes for us all.  The reality is, you don’t usually hear tracks written about situations like these that make it all sound THIS GOOD…Lette’s a master of the m-i-c, armed with a ton of swagger & style…the kind of high-caliber artist that you can hear has the true grit required to make it to the top, come hell or high water.  She’s got a genuinely expressive vibe that pulls no punches, she’s a proud rep for the LGBTQ community, she’s a stunning artist with something real to say, gifted with the ability to say it better than the rest.  “Toxic” is a perfect example of how quickly she’s already hit her stride, how she owns her vibe, the cleverness of her writing, and her high-level of execution – there’s not a thing about “Toxic” that I’d recommend changing…Lette Weaver has got all the right instincts, and all the right talent to take her music career as far as she wants to as far as my ears are concerned.  I’m stoked FOR her…she’s the kind of artist the game needs right now more than ever…the kind of Hip-Hop artist with tangible leadership qualities, even if she does view herself as the “main problem” right now.

Find out more about Lette Weaver at her page at Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/lettemebang

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