Leo Salom – “Kiss You When We Fight”

 Leo Salom – “Kiss You When We Fight”

Leo Salom – “Kiss You When We Fight” – Single Review

No issues here, Leo Salom has put together a solid electro-jam for the late-night hours.  Mind you, I’d listen to this any time of day & have no problems doing so – it just so happens I’ve been checking this cut over the past several nights post-midnight.  What can I say?  His new single has the kind of energy you’re looking for when you wanna stay awake just a lil’ bit longer and keep that party goin’ strong.

I also think that Leo’s exploring an interesting concept at the same time as he’s making something completely rad to listen to on “Kiss You When We Fight.”  For the most part, the lyrics & vocals are minimal, but they do provide the theme – and I think many of you out there will be able to relate to it.  With just a couple short verses, you hear words that sing about the struggle of relationships, the push/pull that we all experience at times – and ultimately, that indescribable, animalistic magnetism between the two parties when it comes to the power of the emotions involved.  “Kiss You When We Fight” – like think about it for just a moment or two…and if you’ve ever had ‘make-up sex’ before – chances are, you understand what drives these kinds of feelings.  In so many ways it can be completely natural to fight with someone you love and feel the attraction to them at the same time – and essentially, thematically, that’s what this single from Leo is all about.  You can’t keep apart what is meant to be together, even if it’s only for the moment.  Even though there’s only a slight amount of singing on “Kiss You When We Fight” – the words make an impact, provide hooks of their own, and definitely add to the listening experience on all fronts; just that tiny hint to what’s creating the passion you hear in the theme & how Leo echoes that vibe so expertly in the mix he’s created to support it.

Because while I could sit here and talk about lyrical-theories all day long, Leo’s all about the electro-art ultimately and the majority of what you hear on “Kiss You When We Fight” is without words.  That’s not to say he doesn’t use vocals at other times…which is one of my favorite parts about this track; he’s found a slick way to edit tiny fragments of the vocals into incredible hooks that really make this single stand-out for all the right reasons.  The low-end rhythms are on-point, the beat is tight, the surrounding atmosphere that rises & falls as the music plays on is great too – but it’s that use of the vocal-hook and the way that Leo’s got that placed with such precision in this song that really makes this so addictive.  A true case of not just having the right tools but truly knowing how to use them to his advantage, Leo takes what could have been otherwise ordinary or more typical and ends up creating a vibrantly fresh spin on the final results.  The sound is stunningly clear, the entertainment flows from the lefts to the rights, the energy stays up, and everything you’ll hear serves a genuine purpose in the rhythm & flow of this tight electro cut.  Definitely a strong single that I can completely imagine the people out there would love…again, probably more-so for you late-nighters like me out there, but fans of electro & all its million-plus sub-genres will likely have time for this on their playlists no matter what hours they keep.

All on-point and on-track as far as my ears can hear – I think Leo’s done a spectacular job on this cut and kept the focus sharp the entire way through the structure & sound of “Kiss You When We Fight.”  High-energy entertainment while still retaining a totally smooth vibe that’s equally chill, you gotta admire the amount of balance that this electro-wizard has established on his new single.  It’s designed to deliver both stylistically and thematically – he’s got something to make you move through the music and something to make you think, consider, relate, and connect to through the vocals added to this idea.  Definitely no complaints from me and no cracks to be found in this artist’s armor – the dude puts together a wild set of sounds and transitions flawlessly throughout the flexing of a flashy-but-controlled & professional DJ approach to electro.  I dig what Leo’s got goin’ on with “Kiss You When We Fight” – seems like he’s an artist with a gift of being able to authentically connect to his material, and as a result, that material strongly connects to us as listeners.  Great vibe on this single & one worth turning way UP.

Find out more about Leo Salom at his official page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/leosalom.music

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