Leisure McCorkle – “Turn It Up”

 Leisure McCorkle – “Turn It Up”

Here’s something rad – check this out!  From the Gaslight Sessions, performing live in St. Louis, Missouri, Leisure McCorkle takes to the stage solo to perform his song “Turn It Up” in the video below.  Full of the magic you’ll find in great songwriting, he performs confidently with a ton of heart & melody in a song full of hooks…and let’s face it, the guy just looks freakin’ cool!  Currently playing the songs from his latest record 5000 Light Years Beyond The Speed Of Sound live from the stage – you can find “Turn It Up” on that same album and also find more videos from the Gaslight Sessions online.  Lots to listen to, lots to check out – start with “Turn It Up” below!

Find out more about Leisure McCorkle at his official website:  http://www.leisuremccorkle.com/

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