Lauren Cofie – “Text Me In The Morning”

 Lauren Cofie – “Text Me In The Morning”

Lauren Cofie – “Text Me In The Morning” – Single Review

If I’m gonna take it off, promise me you’re gon’ step it up.”  Gentlemen, take note.

Lauren Cofie is what you’d consider a multi-talent out there in the entertainment scene.  Not only is she a confident singer/songwriter & artist, but this stunning British/Ghanaian lady is also a model & presenter.  She’s got a history in music of her own already; she was once in an all-female group called Speechless with her sisters and she’s also scored big-time hits with the clubs as she stepped into the solo-scene through songs like “Love Me Again” featuring H Two O and JME & “Tonight” produced by Carns Hill.  Back again with a new single full of hooks & sweet R&B sound – Lauren Cofie is clearly the complete package from the speakers to the stage; she’s got the look & the talent it takes to back it up.

A truly exotic & exquisite beauty, I’m not gonna lie to ya – Lauren is capital H-O-T in the video that’s been shot to support “Text Me In The Morning,” her brand-new single.  Which, aside from the benefit of her gorgeous presence onscreen, also serves a purpose when it comes right down to it – let’s face facts; the lyrical content, themes, and concepts are all designed to be sexy and she’s certainly embraced it all with resounding confidence & stellar results.  The video itself has a defined storyline that coincides with the words about this sultry tale of love overnight – and I think even from the tones in her voice & the passion that Lauren sings with also play a strong role in how tightly this all comes together.  She’s world-class beautiful, graceful & smooth on the mic, and she’s working with highly inviting vibes in the music that beckon you to listen closely.  From the screen to the studio, she’s put in the work and the attention to detail just as much as the talent, technique, and allure is there; the results sparkle & shine – she looks & sounds fantastic.  All I’m saying is you’d have to be insane not to text her in the morning, you feel me?

Taking on the melody with a diva’s delicate approach, the chilled-out vibes of the music move at the perfect pace to make this moment last – and for those of you out there that like to find the right song to set the mood and turn the lights down low with your companion for the night…good chance this is the track you’re looking for to turn a good night into a great one.  I’d never profess to be an expert in the world of R&B, but I know what a hook is – “Text Me In The Morning” has plenty of them, from the music on this cut, to the vocal melodies & rhythms that Lauren explores in the verses & chorus of this single, she keeps the entertainment flowing.  The title of the song plays the starring role thematically – but rhythmically, check out how she’s workin’ that line for all it’s worth when it comes time to perform.  Like I said, it all works, it all adds up – this is a strong single that I can definitely imagine many people out there connecting with; it’s relevant for right now & still has a classic respect for the roots of the genre.

Lauren gets a thumbs up from me…certainly no complaints about what I hear or see – as far as I can tell, success is hers for the taking when it comes to the music industry.  She’s got verifiable talent you can hear, passion for the art, and the professional experience to add in – it all adds up to a skillful entertainer who’s confident & ready for that next level.  “Text Me In The Morning” is sleek, sensual, and the perfect soundtrack for your next wild night with that someone special.

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