Laura Clare – “Expensive Love”

 Laura Clare – “Expensive Love”

Laura Clare – “Expensive Love” – Single Review

There’s pretty much everything working against me on this particular review…please know I’ve done my best to remain objective. Not only is Laura Clare a fantastic singer-songwriter who has definitely got herself a hit-song on her hands with “Expensive Love” but she’s ALSO from my favourite musical-place on earth – Australia! AND…even if I could somehow resist these first factors in finding out about Laura Clare – I then got into the social media…the pictures…the videos…this lady is GORGEOUS. I’m married – I’m not made of stone – this is a lady that can turn heads for both her beauty and her voice, no doubt about it. But enough of me being a creepy old music-guy surfing the net in my stalker-like ways…let’s talk about this new single “Expensive Love” as objectively as I can possibly muster…

With much in common to sounds you’ll hear in the music of Canadian-band Stars, or the lighter moments or Lana Del Ray, perhaps even close to Austalia’s own Natalie Imbruglia – “Expensive Love” pulses slow & sweetly with a piano & synth-beat setting the stage for Laura’s beautiful voice. With a catchy rhythm and sugary-sweet intentions, her new single sparkles & shines at all the right moments with hooks that become addictive quickly and a melody that continues to last in your head for days and days. An undeniable hit with an uplifting sound and flawless from production to performance – “Expensive Love” has a mellow vibe that’s universally accessible to all.

Laura Clare, aka LozzySee…is killin it on both this song and video. You can check out the video below for yourself and I highly recommend that you do…it certainly doesn’t hurt that Laura’s beyond gorgeous but truly the video does match the energy, tone & atmosphere of the song…so these shots of her singing in various states of sexiness don’t feel out of place whatsoever – the video suits the song.

While it might not be massively ground-breaking through its overall idea, this is a really well-put together song made by a person who clearly has the passion to make it spring to vibrant life in this recording of “Expensive Love.” I’ve said it a million times…we don’t always need to find something completely 100% brand-new in music…some of us just really want to write a couple of amazing moments, songs, albums that reflect the reasons we wanted to make music in the first place. “Expensive Love” is an echo in the aftermath of those that have blazed this electro-pop style before her – but those ripple effects of history are found within the lining of modern-day music everywhere; some do it more justice and own the sound more confidently than others do; Laura Clare is one of those very people. Clearly a comfortable and charming entertainer – she’s got a very bright future through a sound like this that many are familiar with, and have loved for years.

It’s a great song – I’m not just smitten, for the record. Like I’ve mentioned, there’s zero-cracks in this track, she’s got a magic in her melody and she’s put in a perfect tone to match the atmosphere of this sweet song. “Expensive Love” sounds costly…but she got my heart for free with this brand-new single – I really dig this tight, beautiful & bright melody – it’s a gorgeous tune.

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