LAPP – “Most Doubt”

 LAPP – “Most Doubt”

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LAPP – “Most Doubt” – Single Review

Great way to start the day!  LAPP has got a brand-new single being released on February 9th called “Most Doubt” – and on a day that’s full of new music to explore, what better way to start than with something like this?  Not a damn typical thing about “Most Doubt” – this is a highly unique cut & I mean that sincerely.  There’s a blend of electro, rock, hip-hop, soul, R&B, theatrical, reggae & real expression that runs deep throughout the latest from LAPP…and if you’re looking for something that really goes against the grain of what’s already out there but still has an entirely accessible sound – you’ll freakin’ LOVE this!

In my opinion…especially after entering my 5th year writing reviews at the site…the combination of real art into music has always been one of my number-one pursuits – and LAPP is showing all the signs of one of the greats early on in this new single.  The opening of “Most Doubt” begins in electro-mayhem & madness quickly savaging your mind before it breaks into a sweetly-toned, hypnotic guitar-sample and beat with vocals that really become stunning quickly.  If you’re looking for a verse/chorus deal that flows in a logical sense…this might not even make ANY sense to you…the flow of LAPP goes where it wants to – but what’s honestly amazing is how willingly you’ll follow it.  There’s rap, singing, vocals of all-sorts when it comes right down to it, up to and including a moment just before the three-minute-thirty mark that Prince himself would be proud of!

From selected effects to the insightful ways that the vocals weave, move and layer themselves throughout “Most Doubt” – the song leaves you with little to no doubt at all about the creativity that LAPP is looking to bring to music.  As an audiophile, I can personally vouch for “Most Doubt” on every level you can imagine…there is an amazing amount to listen to and process…so much more than a single listen would be able to allow for.  So repeat this one…multiple times like I was…and turn this UP!  While it might sound like sheer madness to some out there at times, I guarantee the smooth & accessible sounds you’ll hear in the mix will draw in almost anyone – and for those that really like a lot of sound & movement in their music, you’ll really love this like I did.

“Most Doubt” is a highlight example of innovation, creativity and the confidence to execute on something that sounds vibrantly new without any hang-ups or slips in production or performance.  LAPP has proven that music still has insightful avenues and directions to enter into…and I think that the freedom of expression in music prevails more than anything else on this new tune.  Personally I like that this song is extremely different from much of what I’ve heard out there…I absolutely enjoyed the loose-feel that “Most Doubt” has in the way it sounds while still proving through its sharp edits and multiple ideas that everything you hear is happening at a completely competent, capable & professional level.

So I say stick with this one…those first fifteen seconds are pretty intense before the beat smoothes-out after a quick cough & what sounds like a puff-puff-pass into the hypnotic & inviting atmosphere that fuels much of this track.  The vocals are on-point in whatever mode you find them in and deliver some incredibly passionate and soulful tones throughout “Most Doubt” as it plays.  Sincerely impressed with the amount of ingenuity that LAPP has put into this cut…and for what’s clearly an anti-typical tune, I’d be willing to bet you find this track easily at the top of your list when you’re looking for something authentic, organic and wildly fresh this year.

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