Ladi Sacred – “Why Lie?”

 Ladi Sacred – “Why Lie?”

Ladi Sacred – “Why Lie?” – Music Video Post

Ladi Sacred, you are straight FIRE on the mic homie.

Emcees…you’re officially being put on notice right now – you better sharpen up your game real quick, lest you end up in Ladi Sacred’s rearview forever and ever.  “I’m doin’ it bitch, and I’m doin’ it well,” as she’ll tell ya herself, and believe me when I tell ya, you’ll have a listen to her new single “Why Lie?” and realize that never have truer words been spoken!  Straight UP – this is a wildly impressive single by every conceivable definition & measure…Ladi’s got a massive dose of style, swagger, and serious skill goin’ on – “Why Lie?” is all-out audible confirmation of the genuinely next-level superstar talent that Sacred has.

Let’s be REAL here folks – this is addictive AF from start to finish.  If there’s something not to be loved about “Why Lie?” I’m certainly not hearing it, and I’m not seein’ it either – Ladi’s got the sound, the look, the professionalism to pair with her empowered, bossed-up confidence…she’s absolutely the total package.  The music is 100% spectacular and brilliantly unique in a way that can’t help but stand out for all the right reasons…and the personality, charisma, and talent on the m-i-c of the main star of the show simply cannot be denied.  For real – her rhythm and precision is impeccable, and you can hear she’s still got the time to put real finesse into every syllable she spits; the energy is perfection, the hooks are fully bulletproof…this is single-worthy sound!  To find Ladi Sacred in the underground of the scene right now is a freakin’ privilege y’all – she’s heading straight to the very top without question, and you can quote me on that.  “Technically I’m a rookie” – and perhaps that IS true – but she’s got the instincts of a real veteran artist…Ladi was born to dominate the game, and “Why Lie?” proves she’s more than capable.

In fact – I’ll PROVE my newfound devotion to Ladi Sacred, right on our own show this weekend.  We’ll be spinning the latest single “Why Lie?” on the upcoming episode of the SBS Podcast, and I’ll be sharing a whole bunch more of my thoughts on the incredible music she’s making with ya – make sure to tune in!

“Why Lie?” comes from Ladi Sacred’s brand-new record called (SMDG) Sex.Money.Drugs.Girls – have a listen to her music at Spotify here:

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