Labán – “Quién da Más”

 Labán – “Quién da Más”

Labán – “Quién da Más” – Single Review

Definitely a lot to dig about the second released single from Labán…from the sound of the rhythm & groove to the remarkably smooth vocals, Quién da Más” slides right through your speakers with style.  Sung entirely in Spanish, the stunning melody is universal – doesn’t matter what language you speak or sing in yourself, you’ll feel the heartbeat of Labán’s Quién da Más” resonating deep in your soul.

According to what I can find out on the internet, Quién da Más” translates to “Who Gives More” in English…and according to the notes I have here behind the scenes from Labán directly, the song is “about frustration from not doing what makes us happy.”  A core sentiment & theme in the single that many of you out there will no doubt be able to relate to – I can definitely relate to it myself, because I’ve been there.  Many of you out there know the legend of what led me to sleepingbagstudios to begin with – but if you don’t, I was essentially working a job in the ‘service’ industry, which was basically a nice way of saying ‘laundry guy.’  Talk about being unhappy – I was dying inside every day and still the thought of breaking away from the 9-5 to do something that would make me happy, was terrifying, even with knowing the potential benefits.  But just as I broke free to pursue my dreams, so too must have Labán – the mere fact that this song has been created suggests at the very least, Labán is doing what makes Labán happy, even if the subject of the song is about what it is.  You can play it, you can sing about it, but the creation OF it, suggests that Labán is battling that frustration from the right angles and finding a way past it, perhaps through the catharsis of writing about it…a statement of sorts, to say that, while it might be “about frustration from not doing what makes us happy” – there’s still a way through it all.  To turn that frustration into art & music that can be enjoyed, thereby combatting the entire premise of Quién da Más” on a whole other level of inspiration & creativity – that’s as clever as it is commendable; because just like Labán already knows, you can be unhappy – but you don’t have to stay that way.

There’s not much I can think of that could interrupt the smooth chill of the vibe on Quién da Más” – as I mentioned at the beginning of the review, there’s a lot to love about this tune.  While there are a few quirky moments from the guitars that chime in every so often in an odd way or with a slightly dissonant tone, those tiny spots couldn’t possibly do any damage to what’s more or less a track that comes out 99% right in-line with where everything should be.  The bass is fantastic, the drums hit the mark, even the guitars have multiple moments where they fit perfectly and have highlight contributions to the song overall – so like I said, don’t get me wrong, any twisted chords or tones are a very minimal part of the overall experience in listening to Quién da Más.”  What people will remember is the sweetened smoothness that the song has running through the entire vibe of this rhythm…they’ll remember how the bass and especially how the vocals were able to connect…they’ll remember the writing, the flow, and how the transitions from verse to chorus came out with the true magic of music leading the way into the melody.  A tiny note from the guitar that seems odd or out of place once or twice in a song is not going to be what defines Quién da Más” or stop anyone from listening is what I’m saying – perhaps it’s something for Labán to consider in the future, but beyond tightening up the tones just that 1% more, there’s little else that could be done to make this single any more perfect than it already is.  Chorus-wise, I think Quién da Más” is exceptional; it lifts the beauty of the melody right up to the surface to shine, finding a way to somehow build on what’s already been an impressive journey through the hooks found in the verse as well.  Doesn’t matter which part of this song you end up dissecting, it’s all highly enticing to listen to and has a wonderful flow to the rhythm & movement that comes out naturally.

Where I’m absolutely positive everyone will agree when it comes to this single & the music of Labán, is the vocals.  We’re not just talking good here, we’re talking GREAT things happening on the microphone, full of beautiful tone, technique, and a stunning melody that is filled with bold-yet-subtle emotion.  From the amazing lead-vocals to the smart placement & supporting tones in the backing vocals complementing the atmosphere perfectly, there’s not a fault to be found from the vocal department.  Combined with how smooth the ride through Quién da Más” is musically, supported largely by that indelible bass-line groove, there’s clearly something special starting in Labán.  For a second single, I’m more than willing to look/listen past any perceived quirks it may have in exchange for the incredible melody, rhythm, and groove that Quién da Más” supplies – the vast majority of this single absolutely hits the mark.  Very excited about where Labán can go in the future…definitely off to an excellent start.


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