La Susi – “La Rosa Cautiva”

 La Susi – “La Rosa Cautiva”

What a beautiful song, and what a tragic loss.

We’ve been doing this whole music-thing for quite a while here at sleepingbagstudios at this point – nearly nine years – and this is the first song I can ever remember posting up posthumously.  No sooner was I finding myself blown away by the unbelievably expressive vocals of La Susi in listening to the jaw-dropping performance she puts into “La Rosa Cautiva,” before only moments later I would find myself reading about how she has unfortunately already passed on, last year on October 24th, 2020…R.I.P.

What “La Rosa Cautiva” makes crystal clear is what an exceptional talent we have all truly lost.  La Susi wasn’t just GOOD – she was PHENOMENAL – and any single spin through this single will absolutely prove it to anyone listening.  Vocals as robust, bold, and immaculately colorful, skilled, and powerfully dynamic as hers do not come along every day, I can assure you of that.  To hear “La Rosa Cautiva” is to celebrate what an amazing artist she truly was, but also to realize how sad it is that she is gone; she was a true veteran of the golden-age of Flamenco music that has undoubtedly touched the lives of countless listeners far & wide throughout the globe – and thanks to the label Wake Up! Music’s efforts, she’s going to continue to do so, even now.  La Susi’s memory will live on proudly thanks to their release of “La Rosa Cautiva” – which is her final recorded song – and this very single will also be featured as the lead cut from the soundtrack of an upcoming film called Flamenco: Passion In Danger coming soon.

It would be impossible not to be moved by her breathtaking performance on “La Rosa Cautiva” and the scenes of her singing this song in the video supporting it.  It’s truly something to witness & behold – and much like the very people behind the scenes that helped put this out, my initial reaction in listening to this single moved me beyond words.  La Susi was a remarkable talent in every sense of the definition, and her passing is truly a loss for the entire music community – I am incredibly grateful to Wake Up! Music for doing what they’ve done here in helping preserve the legacy of an artist that deserves to be heard not only now, but for the rest of time.  La Susi is a champion of culture, music, and art combined – a fearless performer with an astounding voice – and a presence that will be felt in Flamenco for years.

Find La Susi & more incredible artists featured by the Wake Up! Music Group at their official channel at YouTube here:

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