L.A. NY – “Hold On”

 L.A. NY – “Hold On”

L.A. NY – “Hold On” – Music Video Release/Review

Consider me a BIG fan of this fine lady and extremely capable emcee right here – L.A. NY has the FIRE y’all – you can see it in her latest video where she’s rockin’ the EMG studio, and you can certainly hear it through the intensity & charisma she brings to her bars.  Best of all perhaps, she’ll silence any doubters quickly by spittin’ “Hold On” LIVE and direct for ya – you can visually see that L.A. NY has got the spark required to light-up the m-i-c and verbal skills that flex finesse and thought-provoking lyricism, 100%.

She’s got confidence, she’s got swagger, she’s got PRESENCE on the mic and makes the most of every moment of “Hold On” – watch highlights like where this single moves just past the first minute and L.A. NY switches up her style to match the energy in the music and gets that dynamic punch into her words.  Credit to all hands on deck really…the beat is superbly tight, the direction, shots, and editing on the video is supremely well done, and of course the main star of the show leads the way to decisive victory.  When you put it all together as right & tight as this…you gotta admit, between L.A. NY and EMG, they’ve given this cut every chance to succeed out there online and put the talent of this emcee in the spotlight she deserves!  And she’s EARNED it too yo!  Listen to her words on “Hold On” and you’ll hear all kinds of situations & obstacles she both faced & overcome to master the mic the way she has today – L.A. NY’s unbreakable spirit is one of the most standout elements you’ll see & hear in her new video & single.

Socially-conscious & armed with good intentions, L.A. NY reminds us there are a lot of injustices goin’ on in this world, and proves that through the courage of one person, you can get out there and make a difference for everyone.  She’s more than sincere in her efforts to contribute and lead the way by example on that level – listen to the way she explodes into the second-minute of this cut to drive that point all the way home, crushing the bars with undeniable passion and powerful words.  With her slick, versatile, and fluid rhymes delivering valuable knowledge, personal experiences, & and all-out entertainment from the lefts to the rights at the same time – you gotta dig the way L.A. NY attacks this cut from all angles at all times – and the final conclusion highlights the meaning & message of “Hold On” perfectly with its quick cut to the end…it makes a final statement & gives this cut yet one more advantage in making an impact on ya.

You can cop yourself a free download of “Hold On” right here at Soundcloud: 


Find out more about L.A. NY at the official pages below!

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/l_a_4realtho

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/l_a_4realtho

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/4HA5YVkTeSkrRGcMcnBCPp

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC92dCs9mnpLEjMFtlPZtxGg

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