Krokothegawd – “Tourist”

 Krokothegawd – “Tourist”

With an absolutely deadly beat produced by AVDDXCT that unleashes the wild creativity, hooks, and straight-up beastly Trap flow from Krokothegawd – dude proves he’s an unstoppable force on the mic that can detonate & explode at a moment’s notice.  The caption at the beginning of his video for the single “Tourist,” which he also directed & stars in, sets the mood entirely – it reads:  “The lonely wolf has to face insanity” – and Kroko dives deep right into this concept & vibe to create a freakishly badass cut & video to support it.  Expertly filmed & edited by Afronicks – the video completely captures the vibe of this cut visually 100%.  To spit rhymes this real, raw, and untamed, you gotta commit…and that’s where Krokothegawd is already showing he’s got the talent it takes to hang with the best, but better yet, the foresight & skill required to blaze his own trail.  Seriously wild stuff – check out the video for “Tourist” for yourself below and start your weekend right now by trippin’ on this new single from Krokothegawd!

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