King George – “Flare Gun”

 King George – “Flare Gun”

Captivating and all-out mesmerizing to listen to, this new cut called “Flare Gun” by King George is one seriously fantastic single-worthy song.  An innovative example of the strength of emotion and beauty of melody combined, King George expertly releases a hefty dose of melancholy that is sure to hit listeners hard in the heartstrings, with all the gripping sincerity you want to hear backing up his every word.  A subtle gem that earns your attention through the immaculate use of space, pace, structure, and sensory sound that resonates right inside us – “Flare Gun” is gorgeously heartbreaking, delicately devastating, and entirely well thought-out from the speakers to the screen.  Supported by an absolutely stellar video shot directed by Jonnygrand Films And Media – the spectacular use of color and bold imagery in the visuals & scenes of “Flare Gun” brings the perfect complement to the entire vibe & nostalgic feelings of love examined in the song – it’s outright radiant onscreen when it comes right down to it.  As subtle as it may appear, be ready for “Flare Gun” to make an enormous impact on the hearts & minds out there – if you’ve ever had your struggles with life, love, & loss, be ready for a single you can truly relate to…and hopefully, find some solace in the words & vocals of King George that’ll confirm you’re not alone.  Check it out for yourself below – “Flare Gun” is as undeniably gorgeous as it is heartbreaking – enjoy!

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