King Blueprint – “I Don’t Need No”

 King Blueprint – “I Don’t Need No”

Sometimes to spread a lil’ positivity in this world you need to take a few thangs away – you feel me?

King Blueprint gets it.  He’ll take you on a whole journey and list of things he can easily live without on his new single “I Don’t Need No.”  A faith-based Rap/Hip-Hop artist on a mission to bring the real O.G. – God – straight to the people through the music he’s makin’ – King Blueprint is a champion of Christianity and sincerely doing his part to take the Lord’s teachings to the m-i-c, and pass on his personal experience to those out there listening around the globe seeking out songs with real substance.  You can hear the difference that finding his faith has made to King Blueprint in his life and mindset today right there in his words – and with a solid beat backing up his every move, he’s bound to confidently encourage a few more souls out there to discover the light instead of live in the dark.  Check out King Blueprint’s latest single “I Don’t Need No” below yo!

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