Kédence – “Making Up”

 Kédence – “Making Up”

Kédence – “Making Up” – Single Review

Cadence Definition:  A modulation or inflection of the voice, also a sequence of notes of chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.

Kédence Definition:  A powerful new singer in R&B/Soul/Pop that makes incredible use of the modulation or inflection in her voice.

You might know her by many names – Kédence, aka Luxe, aka Luke Forbes, aka Kelley – she’s still breaking into the music-scene and has been testing the waters with different monikers until just recently.  Deciding to go with Kédence as her name was a strong and powerful choice in my opinion…not only does it nod & imply some of her spectacular strengths, but face it – it’s one of the coolest words in the English-language whereby the very pronunciation of the word and the sound of it matches its very definition.  That could just be me…I’m known to be a bit of a word-nerd & things like this excite me…BUT…c’mon people, that sounds powerful doesn’t it?  Kédence.  In my opinion…I think it’s strong as steel and I could make a great case for marketing that name along with the talent she has…and then you also have to consider the great number of artists that have gone on to define the genres she’s heading into or music in general.  If you’ve got a solitary word that really speaks to your character and what you bring to music – I honestly think it can be quite the powerful statement on its own.

Currently a featured artist on the Song Culture record-label – Kédence has truly arrived and she’s ready to take hold of her moment with this empowering, uplifting anthem of personal-courage and love that she’s created with “Making Up.”  People are going to respond to this song in countless ways…that’s just the facts; whether it’s the vibrant-yet-subtle electro-beat, the words or the way that Kédence sings them – there’s truly a lot for music-fans to like here.  She had me at the beginning personally – I love the intro of “Making Up” with Kédence singing just with the piano and atmosphere surrounding her…and that’s honestly when things clicked for me between the relationship in her name and her style.  Kédence uses exceptional tone, inflection, control and emotion in singing this song…you can absolutely hear the professional in this singer/songwriter, without question.  She sounds beautiful, graceful, passionate and crystal-clear as she sings words of heartbreak, words of strength, words of acceptance…and most importantly, inspiring words of love and confidence.  Lyrically it’s quite an interesting track in how expressive Kédence is through her thoughts…you can tell the feelings are real ones…that the situation of being in love can be a seriously tough call sometimes…but how ultimately, if we’re not being valued or inspired by the ones we love that we have to leave them behind for the betterment & enjoyment of our own lives.  Or at least that’s what I was getting out of it…and if I’m anywhere close to correct, I think that the uplifting beat really provides that matching energy to signify the confidence of Kédence and the choices she’s made with its empowering tone echoing the power in her performance.

I think Kédence has a winner here…it’s certainly a strong introduction to an exciting new voice in music at the very least, but I suspect she’s got a song that people are really going to dig.  In addition to that – I think that moments like the breakdown in this song provide the ultimate message and again, she’s done an amazing job of highlighting some of the most powerful words in this song in the flow & structure of the music.  “Making Up” is a song that has a beat & music just as strong as its message and displays an insightful amount of balance between the two.

And as far as the message of “Making Up” is concerned…I think these are words that will benefit many to hear.  Kédence has created a strong, empowering anthem with “Making Up” that reminds us beautifully that we’ve got one life to live…and that you’ve got every reason & right to pursue the love you’ve always wanted and envisioned in your life right down to the finest details.  “Making Up” is all about never selling yourself short in life or love – and it’s a bold lead-single that will certainly help confidently push open the doors for Kédence to break into the music-scene, knowing she’s completely on the right path to success.

Confidence is everything and she’s got plenty of it – just so happens, she’s also got the talent to match!

Find out more about Kédence through the official websites below:

➥Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justkedence/
➥For More Artist Info: https://songculture.com/kédence

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