Katie Belle – “Symptoms”

 Katie Belle – “Symptoms”

Katie Belle – “Symptoms” – Single Review

Yep…this makes sense to me.

Katie Belle might have “cold sweats, tight chest,” and a plethora of other “Symptoms” too, but she’s also got the vibe of a certifiable Pop star.  Not that she needs confirmation from me on that…I’m sure that the hundreds of thousands of people that tune into every track she puts out is probably enough for her to know she’s really damn good.  Katie’s been cranking out hits in a variety of genres and clearly created a wealth of success for her music over this past decade…and trust me, it won’t even take ya a mere spin through “Symptoms” to understand why she’s done so well.  Some folks have the X-factor that no one could miss; and Katie’s one of’em.  Honestly if you can’t hear that, I’d say you’re either underwater or your ears are just broken.

Whether she was simply born incredibly gifted with a mind for making music or not, I don’t know – I’m only finding my seat on the bandwagon just now.  What I can tell ya is this…she’s got nearly a decade or so under her belt from what it looks like online, so naturally talented or not, she’s put in a respectable amount of serious WORK into her craft, and I’ve got a lot of love for that.  From what I’ve read she’s like, something wild like twenty-three years old or so, and been rockin’ the mic since she was about twelve!  Believe it y’all…she’s got all the hallmarks of a superstar, and clearly the interest, commitment, and passion to match.  As glitzy & shiny as the realm of Pop can be, don’t go confusing that for some kind of lack of professionalism y’all – Katie Belle is clearly as pro as pro can be, as listeners all over the globe can certainly attest to at this point in her career.  If dedication, hard work, and remarkable talent are “Symptoms,” then this lady is as sick as they get!

We can tend to overanalyze things as critics sometimes…or at least, I know I do…but sometimes, things simply are what they are.  Katie’s a Pop sensation, she’s got a single-worthy song on her hands with “Symptoms,” and that’s really all there is to it.  There’s nothing you’re gonna find out of place, there are no mistakes to be heard, and there’s no advice I could give her to make Belle any better than she already is based on what I’m hearing here.  The rhythm of the vocals is stellar…it’s filled with swagger, professional control, and spot-on tone.  The beat & music are equally great…there’s absolutely nothing to warrant complaining about, and if you’re a true fan of catchy Pop tunes, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from puttin’ this track at the top of your playlist.  It might take a while before we really get a glimpse of the spectacular range that Katie can sing with as she saves that bullet in the chamber for the finale at the end of “Symptoms,” but suffice it to say, once you get there, she leaves you with zero doubt about the incredible voice she’s got.  She’s ticked every box for a solid WIN, and no one could deny that – keep in mind that you’re hearing this directly from a guy that was born in the Grunge era.  If I could resist “Symptoms,” believe me, I’d have tried…but I’m all about giving credit where credit is not only due, but sincerely EARNED.  Belle has put in the work throughout her career & deserves the results.

So allow me to be yet another voice out there on the internet singing her praises while singing along with her songs…Belle’s the real deal y’all.  We’re living in a CRAZY world that is FILLED with talent and it is practically incomprehensible that Katie’s still establishing herself as a household name…but if she keeps up the quality like she’s got goin’ on throughout this single, she’ll get to define her own success as she sees fit.  Hopefully the industry is paying attention already, but if they haven’t caught on yet, I’m completely confident that they will…”Symptoms” is the kind of track that is built & designed to be a hit when handled by the kind of career pro like Katie Belle, and I’m just as sure that she’ll drop hundreds more throughout her years to follow.  Like I was saying, there’s no need to overcomplicate this review – anyone out there listening will know what I’ve told ya is true and that Katie is destined for greatness.  If there’s a reason to complain, I ain’t hearing it – both “Symptoms” & Katie get a complete green light from me.

Find out more about Katie Belle from her official website at:  https://officialkatiebelle.com

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