Kali Indiana – “Probably Not”

 Kali Indiana – “Probably Not”

Kali Indiana – “Probably Not” – Single Review

I know what you’re thinkin’…

Oh that’s never good.  Kali – you do?  I genuinely feel bad about that my friend, and I certainly apologize…no one out there on this floating marble we’re on should have to be subjected to the scattered thought process of my tired ol’ brain, but please do feed the hamster you’ll find in there so that my wheels keep on turning, if you don’t mind my friend, tyvm.

Alright.  So.  Chances are, most people out there aren’t thinking about whether or not to eat the final croissant in the pack or get a seventh cup of coffee to stay functional before noon…I’m not saying that it’s not possible, but “Probably Not.”  Or at the very least, Kali hasn’t really written this tune for people with the kind of broken brainwaves I’ve got…it’s more for the people out there in life still looking for love; all kidding aside, truly, she’s got herself an extremely well-written song and single-worthy tune.

What we’ve really got here in Kali Indiana’s new cut is a combination of three things that stack up real nice stylistically.  You’ve got the noticeable Country vibes upon the surface, you’ve got mellow, sparkling Pop-inspired hooks, and you’ve actually got a little bit of Alternative edge when it comes to the lyricism & empowered combo of attitude/confidence/true grit in the way that Kali sings “Probably Not.”  There’s not a doubt in my mind that this tune gets added into the Country catalogs & playlists at the end of the day, but the point is that it’s actually a hybrid array of sound that leads a song like this to the ears it should find.  I mean…take me as the litmus test if ya like – I ain’t all that much of a Country fan & never really have been – but there’s not really a thing about this song that I can think of that I’m not digging on – this all works extremely well.  As I’ve said countless times across these pages of ours over the years, good music is exactly that – doesn’t matter the style or genre you’re rockin’ in…if you can hold your own in the writing & execution aspects of the equation, you’ve got my attention for sure.  Kali’s got a brilliantly natural vibe goin’ on…like if you were to ask me if “Probably Not” is suited to just about every strength she has as an artist, I’d give you a completely enthusiastic YES…she’s got personality, she’s got style, she’s got that connection to her words that makes all the difference in the world to us as listeners…she sounds like she truly belongs on the mic, making the music she wants to make, exactly how she wants to make it.  These are low-key hooks when it comes right down to it…but that’s about the most you’re gonna find me conceding to ya – mellow or not, she’s got an inherent sweetness and smooth catchiness that connects in a memorable way.  Quite honestly, I don’t usually get too excited about the mid-tempo tunes out there in this world myself…but I’d be lyin’ to ya by omission if I didn’t say I’m hearing something genuinely special in the vocals of Kali Indiana…to be truthful, I basically love everything I hear in this song from beginning to end.

This single is essentially for all of good ol’ friends like Mr. Lloyd Christmas out there in this world that really can’t take a hint in either direction, leading to the infamous scene in Dumb & Dumber where Jim Carrey utters the line, “so you’re saying there’s a chance” after missing just about every red flag in the book.  And perhaps there might have been – at least in the plotline of a Hollywood movie & all – but in real life, “Probably Not” – you see what I’m sayin.’  This song ain’t about a movie of course…this IS based on what it’s like out there in the world…and it’s unique in the sense that, it’s not exactly discouraging the process of looking for love so much as being realistic about it all and trying to temper some of those expectations out there, you feel me?  Looking your best…maybe with a pint or two in ya at the bar…you might feel like you’re the best human commodity in the entire place – but are ya?  “Probably Not” through a clearer less-beer-fueled lens…but you just MIGHT be…and so why not shoot your shot then right?  Life is short – and the only way to know anything, is to actually find out through experience.  So while the answer to your query is likely a slight snicker, a firm no, and a polite request for you to move on to the next table to try your luck there…you really don’t know for sure until you “take your shot” do ya?  I like how Kali’s written this tune from an objective & observatory distance that has real perspective to it, I think she sings it perfectly and has multiple stand-out moments of serious highlights for her tone & technique, and the music surrounding her is all as steady as it gets.  From the smart backing vocals in the mix, to the invitingly smooth sound she’s rockin’ with in this tune, there’s a real welcoming vibe in the music that provides the opportunity for each & every word to be heard – and when you factor in that Kali’s a gifted singer & fearless performer, she’s got everything she needs to get her message across and keep you fully engaged & entertained in the process.  Sincerely impressed over here…”Probably Not” is an insightful tune at its core, with grounded perspective, and organically irresistible sound that reveals true depth in the music of Kali Indiana that’s guaranteed to get people paying attention, 100%.

Find out more about Kali Indiana at her official website:  https://www.kaliindiana.com

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