Kaiju The Unconquerable – Ep. 5 “Forbidden”

 Kaiju The Unconquerable – Ep. 5 “Forbidden”

Consider us interested homie!

Absolutely worth checking out – Kaiju The Unconquerable proves himself to be a verifiable force in both audio & video with his latest release, EP. 5 “Forbidden.”  From the beat to the rhymes, this emcee is loaded with talent and spits with incredible energy & precision on his latest single…and as if that wasn’t enough – this trapper has created a seriously rad video to go along with it.  For real – have a look at the video for EP. 5 “Forbidden” below and you’ll see that Kaiju The Unconquerable is firing on all-cylinders and making the most of his music-career; the song is awesome…the video needed to be at least of equal-caliber and this guy has absolutely put a strong checkmark in the win-column for this entire effort.  Sit back, roll-up a J or get your bong ready and dig on this!

Kaiju The Unconquerable has got a massive future if he keeps his career & music flowing like this does, believe it!

Director: Kaiju The Unconquerable
Cinematographer: Dream Loud Creations
Choreography: Jreyur & Kaiju The Unconquerable
VFX: Caleb Farrell

Find out more about Kaiju The Unconquerable at the main site at:  http://cashamillanimeboy.com/




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