Kacper Orzechowski & Diastrid – “Paradise”

 Kacper Orzechowski & Diastrid – “Paradise”

Much credit, accolades, and congratulations to this young man right here.

I’ve been reading about artist Kacper Orzechowski since I started listening to this new single he’s put out with singer/guest-star Diastrid called “Paradise” – and let me tell ya firsthand, it is IMPRESSIVE to see what this dude has already accomplished at such an early age.  While I don’t know how old he is officially, I was reading about his recent journey into adulthood/birthday earlier this year on social-media…probably safe to say he’s still under twenty years-old – and LISTEN to what he’s capable of already will ya?  “Paradise” is a complete indication of a very bright future in music ahead – he composed & played it himself, wrote the lyrics as well – and then passed it over to Diastrid to work her own magic overtop of the cinematic sound/score Kacper has flowing throughout “Paradise.”  For real – this young artist has every reason to dream BIG if this is what he’s already creating…you can hear the potential for instrumental, orchestral, soundtracks & movie-scores…Orzechowski is well on his way to a lifelong career in the music industry if that’s the direction he chooses to pursue.  It sure sounds like he should to our ears over here in Canada!  The Poland-based artist definitely makes a lasting impression through a sparkling composition, serene atmosphere, and sensational performance from featured guest Diastrid – they should both be proud of what they’ve put into this beautiful song, “Paradise” sounds gorgeous.

Find out more about Kacper Orzechowski at his official page at Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/kaorzechowski

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