Juan Donovan – “Chains” Featuring Danni Jackson

 Juan Donovan – “Chains” Featuring Danni Jackson

Juan Donovan – “Chains” Featuring Danni Jackson – Music Video Release/Review

It’s the official release day – this is as fresh as it gets!

Electro artist Juan Donovan’s latest single “Chains” features a bold & empowered sound through the stunning edit & movement of the music, all the more heightened & complemented by the brilliantly confident performance from singer/songwriter Danni Jackson providing the inspired tone in the vocals.

Effective collaboration?  Oh hellz yeah!  Juan’s got this beat right on-point with lots of spectacular contrast in the sound dynamics through a smoothly controlled low-end bass thump and a smart combination of bright acoustics ringing out in the atmosphere with a crispy snap of the snare.  LISTEN to the amount of depth and definition in the music between what’s up close in the front of the speakers to the way it incorporates the background elements along the way…because that’s a master-class in electro being done RIGHT is what that is…you can hear the genuine ear for sound that Juan has by the expert way he’s got this cut to flow.  The music of “Chains” would certainly stand on its own and be fully entertaining…you’d never get bored – that being said, the assist from Danni takes it all to the next level.

In the surreal new video directed by Nitin, everything from clever camera movements to effects play a huge role in keeping the entertainment flowing.  From the crystal clear imagery in the background to the shots of Danni singing “Chains” – the camera is always moving as well, creating a real feeling in the atmosphere that echoes the freedom you hear being sung about in the lyrics of this single.  Together, Nitin gets a great performance from Danni that puts her right in the spotlight confidently where she belongs – and with that beat from Juan Donovan guiding the way, this entire collabo strikes gold.  Danni finds the perfect tones to really suit & slide right into this beat with a professional touch but an organic approach that highlights just how much of an asset she really is here on “Chains” – you can hear that she’s invested into every second she’s on the mic and see it onscreen as well.  It makes all the difference in the world when it comes right down to it…a great beat is one thing, but if ya got one, you wanna maximize every moment if you’re going to pair it with a singer…and that’s exactly what Danni does with “Chains.”  She puts life, energy, and emotion into the words…she finds the perfect spaces in the song to punch the syllables or emphasis in the lyrics and gives just as much space for the music to shine along with her.  In a song all about breaking free of those “Chains” that hold us back and finding that strength to push forward past the obstacles, emotions, & experiences we have in life – all parties concerned from Nitin to Juan to Danni are clearly ready to claim their desired freedom and lead the way to that better tomorrow with this inspired & empowered anthem showing their sentiments & skills in the finest form.

Find out more about Juan Donovan through the official links below!

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/juandonovan
Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/juandonovan

Find out more about Danni Jackson through the official links below!

Twitter:  http://www.twiiter.com/iamdannij
Instagram:  http://www.instagram.com/iamdannij

Listen to the new single “Chains” from Juan Donovan featuring Danni Jackson direct at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/album/0s84Y9g0agpZEqSKAADwR8

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