JOYCE – “I’m Only Human”

 JOYCE – “I’m Only Human”

Singer/Songwriter/Solo-Artist JOYCE is in the mix for you this morning here at sleepingbagstudios, with a brand-new song she’s called “I’m Only Human” – and let me just be the first to tell ya, you’re quite likely gonna love this – I know I sure did.  What’s NOT to love?  JOYCE has an incredibly textured voice and a wonderful style that reveals the depth of her songwriting – and she gives you a performance on the mic & onscreen that brings out her character & personality in bold, authentic, and stylistic ways we can all hear on “I’m Only Human,” and certainly see in the stunning video she’s got supporting her new single.  With this being the first official post at her channel at YouTube, it’s fairly safe to assume that JOYCE is preparing for a breakout year in 2020 – or at least she definitely should be preparing for that if this is the high-quality of art/music she’s going to be putting out there – because this should seriously catch on!  “I’m Only Human” is like a perfect sonic representation for what JOYCE is seeking to express & communicate through the words she’s singing…everything feels insightfully natural, organic, real, grounded, honest…and within the set of thoughts, feelings, and emotions on her new song, you’ll find yourself absolutely connecting to the entire vibe & aura she’s so expertly created here.  Very artistic, and extremely down to earth – she might be only human, but she’s sounding like a goddess in the smooth & dreamy flow of the chorus on her brand-new song – and the video looks 100% spectacular!  Love the edits, love the colorization, love the scenes with the star of the show – JOYCE is definitely tapping right into something special here – you can see it onscreen, you can hear it in her music – check out “I’m Only Human” for yourself below!

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