Josh Johnson – “Green Trees/Burnt Leaves”

 Josh Johnson – “Green Trees/Burnt Leaves”

Josh Johnson – “Green Trees/Burnt Leaves” – Music Video Post

Seventeen eh?

Good lord, I wish I was this rad when I was seventeen.  I’m over forty now, and I’m still nowhere close.

Music-wise, this guy’s on completely solid ground, as shaky as it might seem to a few of you squares.  He might have a little to sort out as far as how he’s puttin’ his tunes out there goes…I can see a few things that are gonna present some challenges down the road unless he’s inclined to fix it up a lil’ – right now you can currently find him listed as Josh Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Josh J, JoshJ, and likely etc. depending on which pages you tend to land on…and believe me, a Google search ain’t always gonna help ya out as it should.  Anyhow – the guy is seventeen…or at least he was seventeen at the time his bio went up online – either way, there’s still plenty of time to get that in-line over the course of a career, plus it gives someone like me the chance to go right down the rabbit-hole of the internet to try and figure out the full story.  Dude also rocks in a project called Split Head too, if you’re diggin’ what Josh is layin’ down.

When it comes to real art & music…the last thing I am ever gonna really be concerned about is accessibility.  I might spend a lot of time talking about that aspect of music in a lot of reviews I write & whatnot – but there’s a certain type of artist – artists just like Josh Johnson here – where that’s not the goal, the mission, or the defining trait in what you’ll hear.  I don’t need to tell the guy he’s working with a niche style of vibe here – he might be a young guy, but he knows what’s up – you don’t make a song like “Green Trees/Burnt Leaves” with the intentions of it cracking the Top-40, you following me?  Generally speaking, you make a versatile cut as wild as this out of the genuine love of the craft, the desire to experiment, and the will to test the boundaries of what we think we know about music – I’m not sayin’ you can’t find a way to sing along with it, I’m just saying there’s a different purpose at work here.  Ultimately, in my opinion, making moves as diverse as you’ll find throughout “Green Trees/Burnt Leaves” open major doors of opportunity for an artist like Josh to do whatever the heck he feels like with his music & career in the future – you realize he’ll take ya from mellow Alt/Hip-Hop to the harshest extremes of Metal in this one single experience, right?  Trust me when I tell ya…creativity like this guy has, combined with the confidence he’s got to go along with his wildest ideas, and a sound that could virtually take him anywhere he likes over the years to come?  Good game folks – Josh’s got this, 100%.  I listen to a track like “Green Trees/Burnt Leaves” off of his most recent record called Forty Winks, and not only do I dig what I hear & love what I see in the video supporting it – but hellz YES it makes me smile just knowing there’s a guy like Josh out there willing to lead the way in creating something that is actually new to experience.  His hybrid approach is much more so than most, and covers a wider range of style & sound that most artists wouldn’t even dare to attempt…call me crazy, but I dig game-changers like this cat right here – I don’t exactly know WHAT Josh Johnson will go on to do with his whole career, I just know that he’s definitely got my attention, and I’m interested for sure.  A single spin through this cut for the first time revealed the fact that the man knows his way around hooks that connect and has the ability to smooth out his bizarreness at any time he chooses to – so again, he’s got his options open for the future with the potential to play it all straight-ahead if he wants to, or keep it firmly on the weird side of sound like he is with this cut sliced from the Forty Winks record.  Make no mistake & don’t get it twisted y’all – it’s artists just like Josh that end up with the most loyal fans & an unbreakable following; and it’s well-deserved for that matter – uniqueness is a rare commodity & this guy’s got tons of it at 17.

As our grandfather’s grandfather would tell ya, it takes an entire village to raise an artist – and a lot of what we do as creative-types can be enhanced by having the right team around us, and making essential connections along the way.  Like this shiny new video right here from Josh J – it’s put together by PS King – and it’s the exact kind of exceptional visualized strangeness & slick professionalism you’d wanna find paired-up with a cut like this single.  Shout-outs for real – I think PS King crushed it visually with the vid for “Green Trees/Burnt Leaves” and the multi-clip oddity he’s put together to support it – the selection of scenes you’ll see onscreen will keep your eyes movin’ just as much as your ears do as they listen.  The real bottom line is, PS has got something that’ll keep ya fully engaged and entertained yes – but what’s most crucial, is the fact that he’s assembled a video that suits the dynamics & vibe of the single, 100%.  As in, King kept it all on-point – it might seem as scattered visually as the song sounds, but ain’t that the match we should be seeing y’all?  JJ and PS fit together like a glove in the connection between what you see & what you hear…and above all things, that’s the kind of pairing you want in a single/video combo.  Great use of quick chops, edits, effects…a range of visuals that goes from animated scenes to old-school vintage footage…wild jittery movements and psychedelic vibes at the song’s peak intensity…it’d be impossible to argue against the value of the uniqueness you’ll find inside this five-minute trip, visually or audibly when it comes right down to it.  “Green Trees/Burnt Leaves” isn’t any kind of typical experience that you’re gonna forget any time soon, that much I can promise ya for sure…so…you’re welcome?  Enjoy!

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