Josée Allard – “All Night Long”

 Josée Allard – “All Night Long”

Josée Allard – “All Night Long” – Single Review

Hmmm…I can fully get behind a switch in sound or style any time, but are we not doin’ the accent thing anymore with the é in Josée?  I mean…I’m stickin’ with it…I don’t just up & change my ways until I’m on at least my fourth or fifth cup of coffee for the day and it’s still morning time here in the nation’s capital.

So…yeah.  I get it.  Back in 2019 I had SO MANY awesome things to say about Josée Allard’s Burning Rain EP, that naturally, she decided to do a 180-degree turn and do something completely different – makes sense.  I’d be the first to tell ya I should be the very last guy anyone should take advice from anyhow…

On the bright-side of things, Josée has the talent to do pretty much anything she wants to when it comes to making music – and y’all know me…sure I like to kid around & tease & all that, but ultimately I always respect the creative freedom that comes with art and 100% fully support anyone out there that’s done one thing before, and wants to do something new in the future.  Far too often we allow ourselves to get caught up in what we love and expect the artists & bands that made the music in the first place to keep on cranking out the same thing year after year…and really, that’s a weird thing to ask of anyone.  There are no limitations on art or music that I am currently aware of – go on & be your beautiful selves, wherever your creativity takes you – take a page from Josée’s playbook and see what you’re capable of!

Reggae though, eh Josée?  Like…I’m not saying you HAD to stick with what I absolutely loved before – but you had to go & pick what I’d probably consider to be the toughest genre I ever listen to as well huh?  Fair enough my friend…that’s on me anyway…I still need to find my ultimate gateway into Reggae – but the reality is, that’s just me personally of course…as a genre, it’s thrived for years & years and will for many, many more to come.  And truthfully…I’d probably have a lot easier of a time digging it if everything sounded as stellar & smooth as Allard’s latest single…but that’s not my assessment of the genre overall…this would be on the fringe of Reggae – it certainly IS Reggae, but there’s a lot more to it than just that one tag.  There’s Soul here…maybe even arguably a hint of R&B/Pop in the main hooks as well…more creativity in the mix than you tend to find in the traditional salt-of-the-earth vibes we all associate with the sound… Josée’s a hybrid artist when it comes right down to it, which is cool with me.

Because like I mentioned already…she’s capable of anything – and truly, she’s proved it here on her new single “All Night Long” once again.  Every time she introduces herself at the beginning of this song it brings a huge smile to my face…and then hearing her conquer another completely different style of sound than what I’d previously experienced with her music was nothing more than a full treat for the ears.  The key to understanding Allard is that she’s built, born, and destined to entertain – it’s the pure fact that she’s so genuinely interested & immersed in her craft that she’s able to take her skillset into multiple arenas & find success…versatility can quite often be found in the same exact places you find authentic commitment & dedication, and “All Night Long” is a perfect example of how that’s true.  The same can be equally true in transitioning an audience from one style of sound to the next – when you’re as into the moment as Josée is as an artist, no matter what she’s rocking, we’ll all be ready to listen.  True passion is one of the most adaptable aspects of who we are into what we do…while it’s a rare find for many of us and evermore elusive for others – Allard has always put that straight into the microphone and into her music…and ultimately, that makes it that much more easy for a guy like myself so typically found outside of the Reggae realm, & others listening, to find a genuine way in here to “All Night Long.”

This is a TIGHT tune with stylistically slick sound from the very get-go.  I couldn’t get past how irresistible the bass-lines are – and that’s literally the FIRST thing you’ll hear!  She’s played this whole scenario extremely correctly from start to finish…”All Night Long” cleverly doesn’t overcomplicate itself and sticks real close to the bass & subtle beat leading the way through the music…the rest of the ingredients are much more of a minimal aspect of the overall design, but essential contributions to the success of this song all the same.  The smart use of atmospheric elements in the production are KEY here…it’s the rushing of airy sound that comes through in the verses, or how the background vocals chime in, the rad samples, or the other sparkling elements that drift in along the way that add even more audible excitement & unexpected twists into this single – and they all stack up to a solid win for Josée.  Musically, it’s all right in-line with where you wanna hear it, and “All Night Long” flexes sensational vibes that connect – but as it likely should be, it’s actually her vocals on the mic that make the biggest impact on us through this switch of her style on this single, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that we’d all be hearing this the same way – Josée is the star of the show without question.  She’s done a fantastic job in the verses, and she’s nailed the hooks of the chorus as well…while it’s a departure from what I’ve heard from her in the past, I can personally vouch for the fact that she’s every bit as alluring, enchanting, and entertaining as ever here.

Pretty addictive stuff when it comes right down to it – I dig Josée’s spin on the Reggae sound and I’m fully impressed by just how naturally this seems to suit her.  Lyrically, I think she’s done a spectacular job on this twisted tale of love and the push/pull of desire…it’s equally sweet, sensual & sexy, grounded & real – and true to the style, Allard makes all the right moves on the microphone when she’s singin’ to deliver everything convincingly & confidently.  “A woman has desires…and needs to be satisfied…and satisfy,” as she’ll tell ya herself towards the end of this catchy single-worthy exploration of the Reggae genre…and I’d have to imagine that not only does that apply to the storyline of the song, but in creating it as well.  Josée felt the desire to make Reggae for a moment here, and so she did…once she heard the results for herself, I can’t imagine Allard being anything less than satisfied with how it all came out – and I’d bet you’ll feel the same yourself.  According to the quote from Josée Allard’s “All Night Long” and everything you’ll hear in this single – mission accomplished.

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