Jonwah Actual – “Bounce The Package”

 Jonwah Actual – “Bounce The Package”

Jonwah Actual – “Bounce The Package” – Single Review

It has been particularly inspiring to be here over these past three-years, but also in particular over the course of this September here at SBS; we’ve seen a great many of the musicians and bands we first saw & met through our beginning-stages return to us for various reasons – mostly ready with material we’d heard mentioned long ago and have been anticipating since.

Now, while I don’t think it quite dates all the way back to when we first started, we first ran into Jonwah Actual when the dude was in the first stages of prepping his vibrant new-single, “Bounce The Package.” At long last – the single was released in the midst of summer 2015 and has continued to rack up hits on both the music & video in support of this rubbery hit-song. The video itself was something we have been proud to have been a part of since the idea began…and since lending our assistance with some unique footage to interpret a playful meaning to the words the video has gone on to other skilful editors and morphed into a truly spectacular set of visuals to accompany a dynamic tune that deserved’em!

I’ve always had a weird thing for this tune to tell you the truth. Since whenever it was we first had the chance to play it here – its memorable melody has, in fact, never left my head. “Bounce The Package” is one of those songs you’ll recall at the strangest of times…while in line at the grocery-store, while getting an oil change or a lap-dance…even at the bank while re-negotiating your mortgage…it’s bizarre how it works but I promise if you check this tune out, it’ll follow you home.

With a combination of electro, tribal, pop and industrial elements all working, building & feeding off this versatile tune as it pulses along – “Bounce The Package” delivers a satisfying & intense electro-punch while still maintaining an extremely inviting sound & atmosphere. Armed with a hypnotic rhythm and clever electro-samples – the production and the ideas in “Bounce The Package” are executed perfectly; it’s got an extremely deep groove that’s entirely accessible to the masses. Perfect for the club-scene just as much as your own playlist – Jonwah Actual’s new single is an addicting & captivating tune that’s quite frankly a little hard to get enough of; like I said – it’s a rhythm and melody that’s truly never left me since I first heard it awhile back now.

It’s excellent to see this song doing well and getting some attention; even more fantastic that I can take a time out personally here to point you towards a track that’s just out to make you move, feel good & take a time out from the worries & stress. “Bounce The Package” is bound to be exactly what many are looking for when it comes to finding something unique, rhythmic & danceable…it’s not typical of any of the genres it relates to so much as it’s a combination & sum-total greater than its individual parts. But again, highly accessible…the mix of sounds and electro-elements are more than pleasing to the ear.

And if you can somehow escape the wild rhythm, massively catchy-hooks, & strong electro-groove of “Bounce The Package” you’re a much, much stronger person than I. Good luck to you all – Jonwah Actual has every possibility of making himself a memorable name on your playlist with this new single – and if you give “Bounce The Package” a spin or two – it’ll stick with you & become a verifiable song in the soundtrack of your life.

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