Jonny Waves – “Emotional”

 Jonny Waves – “Emotional”

Jonny Waves – “Emotional” – Music Video Post

Heavy stuff.  Jonny’s clearly had a whole bunch of thoughts on his mind as he’s been makin’ his way up.

I remember times that I felt so alone.”  #Heard.  Life is the art of subtraction.  If you play your cards right, you get to add up a bit of a stack somewhere in the middle & hopefully spend a minute or two enjoying it, but by & large, the longer you live, the more you end up losing along the way in the process.  “My friends tell me ‘try and let it go’” – is hella good advice, don’t get me wrong…but as I’d suspect in listening to a track like “Emotional” by Jonny Waves, I’d assume the man’s learned it ain’t so easy to do.

Dude’s got a solid flow, but perhaps even more importantly, Jonny’s got something real to say & words that are going to connect to the people out there listening.  “Emotional” is a stellar example of how the more an artist adds to their music on a personal level, the deeper the entire experience becomes on the listener’s side overall…material like this holds up longer over time as a result.  From the relatable vibes to the relevant sound, to the video expertly shot by J.CAM$, a track like “Emotional” is a big win all around…not only for Jonny, but for the scores of people all over the world that have already been reaching for this track when they needed it most since its official release back towards the end of 2020 on his EP called Moonlight City.  Waves has gone on to excel with his career, dropping the full-length album Summer Nights last year, a whole bunch of EPs along the way throughout 2021, including his latest called the Transitions EP, which contains his latest single/video for “In The Moment” as well.  Keep this man on your playlists and on your radar…Jonny Waves is surging into his prime as an artist for sure.

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