Jonathan Alexander – “Light On”

 Jonathan Alexander – “Light On”

Jonathan Alexander – “Light On” – Music Video Release/Review

Exciting times right now for this artist…dude has a ton going on!

So check this out…Jonathan Alexander is busting out of Dallas, Texas, into the world this year with a debut EP and a whole series of videos to support it – we’re talking about one seriously well-organized launch!  The singer/songwriter is set to release his first official record just around the corner here, on November 20th he’ll take that all-important step into the spotlight when the 17:34 EP comes out.

Now personally, I dig a great storyline and I love it when I see an artist or band putting their music out there with every possible advantage it can have.  Where Jonathan has really made that extra effort, is with the videos supporting the excellent cuts he’s written for his new record.  “Light On” is actually in the middle of a set of three videos that follow a storyline of young love trying to find its way, with the lead-single “Better Off Without You” coming out prior to set the storyline in motion and the follow-up single “If & When” completing the tale years later when their relationship has that opportunity to blossom like it never has before.  “Light On” steers further away from the heavy emotions & themes that comes with the beginning of the story in “Better Off Without You” and shifts into the more celebratory spirit of friendships and young love.  Through the expert direction of this series, you really get a chance to witness these feelings & characters come to life onscreen, follow the story, and truly get right into it…you feel that connection to how the music complements what you see & vice-versa.  With its gigantic hooks and catchy chorus, “Light On” makes the most of its magic by staying locked onto that more lighthearted part of the story, even though the end of the video certainly implies that things are over…at least for now.  That’s the beautiful thing about love though isn’t it?  We can go our separate ways sometimes, but that love we share with another continues to live on in our hearts & never goes away.  Seeing the pair reunite in “If & When” years down the road offers up a wonderful conclusion to the entire story, rediscovering their love & drifting between the memories of the people they were when they first met to the people they’d become years later after much time apart.  You see what I’m saying here people?  This is really, really well done stuff and a storyline you can sink your teeth into.

So huge salute to Jonathan – I think this guy is going about it all the right way and to see it all happening at the very beginning of this career is inspiring!  I mean…no pressure Jonathan, but you’re setting the bar high and this entire effort will be a lot to live up to later on in the future; that being said, I think everything you’ll see & hear from this set of videos from the 17:34 EP confirms he’s up to the task & that the genuine desire & want to do thing music thang is completely there in all-aspects of the art & craft.  Very excited for this guy…I think he’s got the talent to succeed, I think he’s making all the right moves to get himself there…and for what it’s worth, I think you can tell there’s a real songwriter here that puts a ton of heart & passion into his music.  As far as this particular single goes, “Light On” is a boot-stomping Alt/Indie tune that will get you singing along loudly’n’proudly with its chorus and keep you captivated in the verse, bridge, and instrumentation that sparkles & shines throughout the intensely fun rhythms & grooves it has along the way.  Love the shots set in the forest with the light peeking through the trees, shining down on the main characters as they enjoy the time they get to spend together.  There’s a lot of main takeaways…I think part of it is that love doesn’t always get the chance to exist when we want it to – and that can be hard; but if there’s an ultimate point being made here by the end of this set of vids, it’s that you never really know when it might get a second chance…and to be ready for it when it comes.

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