Jona Da King – “Sicko Mode”

 Jona Da King – “Sicko Mode”

Some of that good-good homegrown Canadian talent to finish off the night strong here on our pages today – we’ve got Jona Da King busting outta Edmonton, Alberta in full-on “Sicko Mode” as he breaks into the international scene around the world.  Not only did the man crush it all throughout last year with a whole bunch of cuts released online, but he’s proven quickly early on in 2021 that he’s set to hit it twice as hard this year around, already having put out the single “Closer” and his Future Story EP, where this single “Sicko Mode” comes from direct.  I certainly hope none of y’all have been sleepin’ on this dude!  Jona Da King hits the bars with seriously slick style and proves he’s got that genuinely rhythmic flow that’s every bit as addictive as it is entertaining.  JDK sounds large & in-charge, with a LARGE beat that echoes the booming confidence he puts into the m-i-c.  Face the facts yo – this man right here?  He’s got undeniable swagger – and he puts his personality in the spotlight to maximum effect on a highly single-worthy cut sliced from his latest record – check out “Sicko Mode” for yourself below!

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