Jon Nguyen – “Blow My Cover” Featuring MaryN

 Jon Nguyen – “Blow My Cover” Featuring MaryN

Here’s a stellar collaboration between resident Electro wizard/man of music Jon Nguyen and the brilliant vocals of MaryN for y’all to enjoy; whether you’re up late-night like we are, just gettin’ up to start your day, or basically anywhere at all in between, you’ll find the right time to turn this new single UP is right NOW!  Through a spectacular design to the vibrant dynamics of the music, Jon creates a compelling listen from start to finish through innovative moves and a professional’s touch that reveals a flawless approach to the stunning structure of “Blow My Cover” that keeps the entertainment flowin’ fluidly for ya at all times.  Factor in the spectacular appearance from singer MaryN to add the extra spark to this new single, and you’ll quickly discover this pair has all the right ingredients required to make a memorable impact on ya with the clever mix of bold emotion, radiant melody, and passionate hooks emanating addictive sound & energy  from the music to the microphone on this collaborative cut.  “Blow My Cover” is relentlessly entertaining and engaging from the speakers to the screen – it’s certainly got single-worthy sound & style beaming out at ya at all times, but beyond that, you can hear a collaboration between two artists that sincerely works on just about every level the human mind can conceive & your ears and eyes can discern.  Jon and MaryN give ya everything you want & more on “Blow My Cover” – these two individual performances completely complement the vibes each other has created; the balance of strengths is an impeccable match and the results of their efforts sparkle & shine from beginning to end on their new single – check it out for yourself below!

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