Joel – “Waters Of Pain”

 Joel – “Waters Of Pain”

Joel – “Waters Of Pain” – Music Video Release/Review

Dedicated to anyone out there going through a tough time.  Keep on pushing and things will look up again soon.”  Those words come directly from the official post from Slacktide Records recording-artist Joel, right where you’ll find his new single “Waters Of Pain” at YouTube.  According to the man himself & the notes I’ve got here behind the scenes, he’s “had a tough year and wrote it to share” with all of you out there, in the sincere hope that “perhaps someone connects with it” – I think you gotta admire that.  It’s one thing to wade the “Waters Of Pain” alone…it’s an entirely different thing to recognize we’re all in the same sea of emotions, trying our best to navigate our way through these storms we call our lives.  Joel’s using his own pain for the greater-good on this new single of his…a genuine attempt to offer some solace & comfort to those out there when they need it most, by sharing his own experiences, with you.

So cheers to you Joel…I appreciate artists like you dude…and hopefully someone out there listening does connect with the new single…like we always say as musicians, if we reach just one person – really reach them – then it’s all worthwhile.  I’d suspect that even if “Waters Of Pain” only ended up serving on a cathartic level for yourself personally…that it was still more than worth your time to get this out there.

All that being said, when you approach your music from an angle of humble sincerity like you’ll find Joel does with “Waters Of Pain,” the odds are well in your favor that it’s bound to connect with somebody.  There’s no pretense here…there’s no unnecessary flash, razzle, or dazzle…there’s Joel, and there’s a guitar…there’s his emotions, and there’s his melody…and he proves you really don’t even need a heck of a lot more than that to get the feelings, messages, and music across to us as listeners.  He’s clearly been through some major stuff and a whole shakeup of life if the words & lyrics are any indication.  I think there are some real clues in the details & imagery of some of the verses that occur later on throughout the song that’ll reveal Joel’s definitely faced some seemingly impossible challenges that have broken him down…but he’s far from given up.  In fact, I’d argue that the sheer fact he’s here now to sing this song is proof that he’s finding his way back to the place he belongs, or found a way to adapt to life anew somehow…he’s carrying on, because no matter what curveball life throws at you, that’s what you do.

That’s not something that comes naturally to everyone…not at first, not even on the fiftieth time for some…and in those cases, they look for somebody out there, anybody that might understand, to help them through.  Songs like “Waters Of Pain” were created for that very purpose…to create a tiny light in the darkness of this world to guide you towards a brighter day…to provide comfort and a soul-soothing moment designed to provide reprieve for the heart & mind as you put yourself back together again.

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