Jimmy Jang – “A Pile Of Dog Shit!”

 Jimmy Jang – “A Pile Of Dog Shit!”

Jimmy Jang – “A Pile Of Dog Shit!” – New Video/Single Release

You gotta have love for something like this somewhere inside you.

Singer/songwriter Jimmy Jang has chosen to express his perspective/world-view through a clever new video/single for his song, titled “A Pile Of Dog Shit” – and I think many of you out there will relate to its sentiment, ideas and what he wants to communicate through the writing.  With imagery in the lyrics and a pointed opinion that reflects the will of the people and their feelings towards the elites & establishment – Jimmy Jang combined it with a catchy rhythm and completely creative video to drive the main points home.  I’ve always said and stood-by the fact that music is the best tool we have in education, communication and unification…”A Pile Of Dog Shit!” is a great example of how this works on a grassroots, independent level.  By keeping the lyrics sharp with his point of view and making sure the music is entertaining and the visuals tie it all together – JJ’s “A Pile Of Dog Shit!” is the kind of combination that keeps our attention and also leads to repeated-viewing.  Through that repetition and enjoyment, the message continues to sink in.

Like I said…he’s played it smart!  “A Pile Of Dog Shit!” is a lot of fun…but at the same time it manages to go into much deeper, honest terrain.  Check out the video below – you’ll see/hear what I mean!

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